...and friends
Friendly Persuasion Fractured Fragmented Formatted Fodder.
The Torch is Burning Treasured moments with Constance De Witt and Leland Meadows.
The Bran Flakes Do you want salad with your taco?
Xanadu The (Unofficial) 40th Anniversary with Don-O
Kooky Nuts Pop Vol.4 Compilation featuring The Bran Flakes
Rouen Dreams Guest appearance on album by Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe & Friends
Help Me The Bran Flakes
Ultimate Hits The Bran Flakes
A Home Compilation featuring The Bran Flakes
My Invisible Friend Vol. 1 Compilation featuring The Bran Flakes
Seconds in Sound [SINS] Live vinyl mix gatherings.
Raymond Scott Rewired The Bran Flakes, The Evolution Control Committee, and Go Home Productions
365 Days Project Sharity with over 200 contributors.
Comfort Stand Net Label with over 100 artists from 20 countries.