...and friends

The Friendly Persuasion Radio Show

December 31, 2001

Ziegfried and Roy Show - Introduction
Charles Nowa - Lux International
Mae West - Happy Birthday, Twenty-One
The Golddiggers - 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
Hermanitas Jimenez - Las Classes Del Twist
Helmet Zacharias and his Orchestra - Respect
Ray Conniff - Tijuana Taxi
Mrs. Miller - Mary Jane
Jason Crest - Lord Love A Duck
The Free Design - Butterflies Are Free
Claudine Longet - Something
Cristy (Music by Ennio Morricone) - Deep Down
Barry Gray - Stingray
Annette Funicello - Rock-a-Polka
Edd Byrnes - I Don't Dig You, Kookie
Skitch Henderson - The Mule
The Sisterhood - Teen Age Regrets
The Free Design - Make The Madness Stop
Astrud Gilberto - A Time For Us
Vincent Bell - I Will Wait For You
Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke in Teenage Diary (Part 1)
Billy Mure - Guitars In Space
Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke in Teenage Diary (Part 2)
Ross Bagdasarian - Spanish Pizza
Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke in Teenage Diary (Part 3)
Maxwell Davies - Mean and Nasty
Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke in Teenage Diary (Part 4)
James Last - Andanca
7th Day Adventists - New Year's Resolution PSA
Spike Jones - Happy New Year

December 17, 2001

Ennio Morricone - L'Estasi Dell'Oro
The Langley Schools Music Project - Desperado
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Show ID
RPM (Righteous Pop Music) - Moses' Theme (Laverne and Shirley)
Unknown - Happy Meeting
Barry White Goes Ballistic
Zacharias - Light My Fire
Orson Welles - I Know What It Is To Be Young (But You Don't Know...)
Mamie Van Doren - The Boy Catchers Theme
Sally Field, Star of The Flying Nun - Who Needs Wings To Fly?
Mike Clifford - Mary Jane
The Tommy Spanos Show - Rolling On The River
Heino - Radetzki Marsch
Messer Chups - Druzilla-Twist
Johnny Cash and the Tennesee Three - One Piece at a Time
Janko Nilovic - Atchika Boum
TC Waters - Don't Jive Me Baby
Wesley Willis - Hootie & The Blowfish
Klaus Nomi - Lightning Strikes
Ralf Heninger - The World's Over
The Olivia Tremor Control - Paranormal Echoes
Stereo Total - Nationale
Waffle House - Waffle House Family
Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer - Blast Off Country Style
Ginny Arnell - Dumbhead
Swingerhead - I'll Be Home For Christmas
The Langley Schools Music Project - Mandy
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Wichita Lineman
Greg Morris - Come Rain or Come Shine
Messer Chups - Dark Story
Henry Buzz Glass - The Rain Is Falling
The Tommy Spanos Show - Sunny
Klaus Wunderlich - Can't Buy Me Love

December 10, 2001

Unknown - Toot Toot Ding Ding
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Show ID
Short Circus and Friends - Electric Company Theme
Lord Sitar - Daydream Believer
Edmundo Ros - Hare Krishna (Be In)
Dale Zieger and Franklyn MacCormack - The Conn Prelude Is Fun
George Burns - In The Beginning / A Little Help From My Friends
Tony Martin - Age Of Aquarius
Francis Lai - I Love You, Phil
Vic Caesar - Nixon's The One
Frank Ifield - So Leicht Lemt Man Des Jodelin
Klaus Beyer - Hey Jude
George Burns - 59th Street Bridge Song
Ken Bower - I Will Survive
Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass - It's Not Unusual
The Ray Conniff Singers - Chao Chao (Downtown)
The Brady Bunch - Time To Change
Judson Fountain - Two Boys In A Haunted House
Unknown - Up Up And Away
Daniel Johnston - Pinny Pinny
Vincent Bell - More (Theme from "Mondo Cane")
Edmundo Ros - Let The Sunshine In
George Burns - Satisfaction
Tiny Tim - Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm A Nut)
Joe Sherman, his Orch. & Chorus - That Certain Party In Apt. 14C
The Modernaires - Birds and Puppies and Tropical Fish
Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, ...
Frank Dykus - The Visit
Ross Bagdasarian - Russian Roulette
The Golddiggers - It's Fun To Be Young
The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde - Marcus Welby, M.D. Theme
American Standards - Spectra 70
Mel Blanc - Song Of The Lady Bird
The Nutty Squirrels - Eager Beaver
Bob Crewe and The Glitterhouse - An Angel Is Love
Chorus Reverendue - Ne Poussez Pas Meme Dans Les Orties
Lord Sitar - Blue Jay Way
The Road Runner - The Long and Winding Road

November 26, 2001

Unknown - You're Just In Love
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Show ID
School Within A School At Peabody - Fly Like An Eagle
Klaus Beyer - Eleanor Rigby
The Baroque Beatles Book - Recitative: In They Came Jorking/Help
Pierre Raymonde - Pelvic Pleasures
Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke - Sex Says Something
Chris Palestis (Wizz-O) - I Love Rock and Roll
Scott Bass (playing Dean Milan) Show ID
Mel Blanc - Somebody Stole My Gal
Jimmy Durante - I'm The Guy Who Found The Lost Chord
The Nutty Squirrels - Jumping Bean
William Saroyan and Ross Bagdasarian - Come On-A My House
Michael Brown - The Woolworth Managers Work Song
American Standards - It's Revolution
Carmen Miranda - Tico Tico (Introduction by Bing Crosby)
Pierre Raymonde - Kinky Chorus Kick and Flash
Billy Ray - The Story Of Susie
Dr. Louis H. Evans - Table Talk
Doug Newman - Tapeworm
Henry Phillips - Hey, Mr. Postman!
Ferlin' Husky - The Drunken Driver
Hans Last and his Orchestra and Chorus - Foxtrot
Keely Smith - World Without Love
Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction - The Marriage Union
The Brady Bunch - I Just Want To Be Your Friend
The Love Generation - Groovy Summertime
R Stevie Moore Show ID
Michael Mills - Queen!
The Space Riders - Bohemian Rhapsody
Howard Menger - Authentic Music From Another Planet

November 19, 2001

The Tijuana Brass Show

Sid Bass - Spanish Flea (Bran Flakes Remix)
The Modernaires with Paula Kelly - Spanish Flea
George Garabedian Players - Hooray For Hollywood
The Chipmunks - Sorry About That, Herb
Dale Zeigler - Tijuana Taxi
The Mexicali Brass - Mexico A Go Go
The Mariachi Brass featuring Chet Baker - 24 Hours To Tulsa
Dick Boyell - Allied Moves To Tijuana
The Frivolous Five - A Taste Of Honey
George Garabedian Players - Whipped Cream
Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass - Downtown
Chuck Barris Productions - Dating Game Theme
The Toreno Band - Please Please Me
The Mariachi Brass & Chet Baker - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
The Fiesta Brass - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Henry Mancini - Tijuana Taxi
The Modernaires with Paula Kelly - Tijuana Taxi
The Toronadoes - Beatle Hair
The Border Brass - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Guadalajara Brass - Sombrero
The Mariachi Brass & Chet Baker - (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo
George Garabedian Players - Tequila and Squirt
The Toreno Band - Eleanor Rigby
The Frivolous Five - The Lonely Bull
Al Tijuana & His Jewish Brass - What Now My Love
The Nursery Brass - A-Hunting We Will Go
The Fiesta Brass - Michelle
The Mexicali Brass - Habanera
The Trumpets Unlimited - Can Can
Westchester Junior High School Concert Band - Tijuana Taxi
Living Brass - A Taste Of Honey
The Modernaires with Paula Kelly - A Taste Of Honey
The Mariachi Brass featuring Chet Baker - Pennsylvania 6-5000
The New Classic Singers - Tijuana Taxi
The Evolution Control Committee - Rebel Without A Pause
Optiganally Yours - Spanish Flea

November 11, 2001

John Brent And Del Close - Basic Hip
The Hawaiians - Telstar
The Zeet Band - Moogie Boogie
Stu Phillips - India: Mahahbalipuram
The Dave Pell Singers - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
Al Caiola - The Windmills Of Your Mind
Best Radio Commercials Of The Year 1967 (The 1966 Chun King, Mother's Foods, Madison Motors, ABC TV "Lolita")
Lloyd Green - The Cassions Go Rolling Along
The Brothers Castro - Angel Eyes
Roger Ericson and his Men - If I Only Had A Brain
Tony Randall - Nature Boy
Dick Dia - The Fugitive
Gals and Pals - Lullaby Of Birdland
The "In" Sound For The Commercial Industry
The Ray Brown Orch. (Arranged by Quincy Jones) - Go Down Dying
Howard Blake - Elephant Rides Again
Lee Hazlewood - Friday's Child
Roger Whittaker - Indian Whistler
Michael Kasberg - Jeremy Is Born
Radio Commercials (Certs - 7UP - 1970 Toyota)
Marvin Hamlisch - Bond 77
Charles Bernstein (Vox - Jerry Reed) - The Ballad of Gator Mcklusky
Clay Pitts (Sung by Arlene Tiger) - Female Animal
The Nat Adderley Sextet (Narrated by Rick Holmes) - Pisces
Rudy Rosa - Love's Theme

November 5, 2001

Leonard Nimoy - Contact
William Shatner - How Insensitive (Insensatez)
Friendly Persuasion Show ID
Norm Burns & Singers - Human Breakdown Of Absurdity
Ford Motor Company - Happiness Is... The Going Thing
The Vestibules - Jesus Goes To Hawaii
RPM (Righteous Pop Music) - Paul: Sacred Agent Man
The Del Rubio Triplets - What Have I Done To Deserve This
The Langley Schools Music Project - The Long And Winding Road
Daniel Johnston - Funeral Girl
John Neville - You Who Are The Clear Cut Image Of Love
Laurie Johnson - Happy Go Lively
Coca-Cola Sales Convention 1966 - I'm A Tiger
A Looney Tunes Cartoon - Three Little Bops (Complete Soundtrack)
Mary Schneider - Yodeling Overtures (William Tell/Carmen/Can Can)
R Stevie Moore - Show ID/I Wish I Could Sing
Stewart Brodian - The Things You Do To Me
Daniel Johnston - Party
The Manhattan Strings - (Theme From) The Monkees
RPM (Righteous Pop Music) - Hey Hey We're The Christians
Leonard Nimoy - Both Sides Now
The Langley Schools Music Project - Calling Occupants...
Eilert Pilarm - In The Ghetto
B.J. Snowden - Prince Edward Island
Wizzo-O (Chris Palestis) - Tonight I'm Yours
10-4 Good Buddy - Introduction/The Phonetic Alphabet
C.W. McCall - Convoy
Otto Sieben - Curley Shirley
The Living Voices - Like A Rolling Stone
John Neville - Conjoined In Deeps Of One Another
Arling & Cameron with Fay Lovsky - Sunday
Merv Griffin - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Ed McMahon - Georgy Girl
Robert Maxwell, His Harp and Orchestra - Song Of The Nairobi Trio
Gary McFarland - From Russia With Love

October 29, 2001

Halloween with Dana Countryman

Sheldon Allman - These Ghoulish Things Behind Me Are You
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Monster Mash
The Hamburger Brothers - Omar The Vampire
The Cool Ghoul - You Can't Ghoul Me
Ted Cassidy - The Lurch
Bobby "Boris" Pickett - Blood Bank Blues
Vic Mizzy - Laugh? I Thought I'd Die!
Buchanan & Goodman - Frankenstein of '59'
The Zanies - The Mad Scientist
Raymond Scott - New Year's Eve in a Haunted House
Zacherley - Ring-A-Ding Orangoutang
Mad Monster Party (Soundtrack) - The Mummy
Frantics - Werewolf
Tarantula Ghoul - Graveyard Rock
The Shaggs - It's Halloween
Perrey & Kingsley - Spooks In Space
Louise Heubner - Witches and Wizards
Marty Manning and his Orchestra - Night On Bald Mountain
Bruce Haack and Ted Pandel - The Ghost With The Most
Zip Caplan And Cast Of Thousands - Bride Of Frankenstein
Sheldon Allman - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Screaming Lord Sutch - Jack The Ripper
Jim Parker - Vegas Vampire
Judson Fountain - The Old Woman of Haunted House
The Creatures - Mostly Ghostly
The Space Lady - Ghost Riders
Winchells Donut House - Hear The Monsters
The Creed Taylor Orchestra - Haunted House
Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town

October 22, 2001

Vigil - Teisco del Rey
George Garabedian Players - Georgy Girl
Ken Nordine and his Kinsmen - Hai Saki
Harold Sasahara & Club Nisei Orchestra - Japanese Rhumba
Guy Marks - Loving You Has Made Me Bananas
Jack Fascinato - Oily Bird
Ivor Cutler Trio - A Suck Of My Thumb
George Garabedian Players - Winchester Cathedral
Continental Cousins - Kana Kapila
The Vikings - Nicotine
Del Close & John Brent - Basic Hip
Shorty Petterstein - Drums In My Typewriter
Big Mess Orchestra - Smoke On The Water
Del Close & John Brent - The Loose Wig
Red Ingle and Jo Stafford - Serutan Yob
The Dudds - Honeypie
Franklyn MacCormack - Alone
Frances Bogart White - Will-Of-The-Wisp
Del Close & John Brent - The Hang Up
Nervous Norvous - Ape Call
News Reader
Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
Ric Gary - Pimples And Braces
Brute Force - As Long As My Song Lives
Salt Water Taffy - Finders Keepers
Vigil - Aristocracia
Delphine - La Fermeture Éclair
Sylvie-Anne - Un Tours Dehors
Ralph Carmichael and The Young People - The Restless Ones
The Good Time People (w/ Rance & Clint Howard) - Whatchamacallit
Optiganally Yours - You're Something Special To Me
Uri Geller - Beyond Imagination
Richard Harris - The Yard Went On Forever
Gary McFarland - She Loves You
Les Surfs - There's A Place (Oh Chagrin)
The Ventures - Flights of Fantasy
Theo Schumann Combo - Aladin
Korla Pandit - The Magnetic Theme
Franklyn MacCormack - Melody of Love (Live Feb 2, 1964)

October 15, 2001

Shari Lewis and Lambchop - Come To Your House!
All The King's Men - Stairway To Stardom
Friendly Persuasion Show ID
Steve Austin (Lee Majors) - Got To Get Loose
My Robot Friend - Why Won't You Call Me Back?
Laurent Lombard - Happyland
Atom and His Package - Happy Birthday Ralph
Palm Springs Yacht Club - Sabre Dance
Jimmy Schwatzman - Cabaret
Burlington Edison Hi-Lighters - Jazz City Blues
Timothy Dalton and Mae West - Love Will Keep Us Together
Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil
Linda Laine - Low Grades & High Fever
Girl From S.I.N.
Mood Mosaic - A Touch Of Velvet, A String Of Brass
Optiganally Yours - Mr. Wilson
The Nourishment - Apathy For The Devil
Francois de Roubaix - Generique
Keely Smith - If I Fell
Dickie Goodman & John & Ernest - Superfly Meets Shaft
Bill Cosby - Reach Out (I'll Be There)
Hot Butter - Telstar
Pat Farley - The Malibu Surfing Song
Unknown - Fur Alise
Pat Farley - You're So Lovely To Look At When You're Mad Dear
Laurent Lombard - Bonbon Twistos
The Mothers Of Invention - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Irwin Chusid - Next
Phil Ochs - Small Circle Of Friends
Daniel Johnston - Dream Lover
Dante with Jerry King Backin' Him Up - God Gave This Land To Me
Pat Cooper - Pepperoni Kid
Sister Wynona Carr - Dragnet For Jesus
Marlene Dietrich - Die Antwort Weib Ganz Allein Der Wind
Bee Gees - Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
Shari Elf - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Margo Guryan - Think of Rain
Arcesia - Pictures In My Window
Troy Lukkarila - Garbage Day
Franklyn MacCormack - None But The Lonely Heart
The Underthings (Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings) - Movies
Tangela Tricoli - Stinky Poodle
Albert DeSalvo and the Bugs - Strangler in the Night
Neil Dick - The Future Is Now

October 8, 2001

with Michelle Boulé

Margie Pet - I Feel So Good
Bob Crosby and His Orchestra - Java
Les Reed and Orchestra - Somebody to Love
Chet Baker - Dancing on the Ceiling
Barry Gray - Tracy Island
Randy Sparks Trio - Bubble Up
Muzak - Last Tango in Paris
John Barry - Hercules Takes Off
Mick Harvey - Chatterton
Jack Jones - Look of Love
Benny Goodman - Spinning Wheel
Billy May and Orchestra - Marrakesh Express
Leonard Nimoy - Music to Watch Space Girls By
Anonymous Song-Poem - Cruise Around the Planets
Kipp Lennon - Title track from the film "Buck Rogers"
Frankie Howerd - Mean Mr. Mustard
The Moog Cookbook - Sweet Home Alabama
George Garabedian Players - Hooray for Hollywood
The Electric Indian - Keem-O-Sabe
Percy Faith - Midnight at the Oasis
Dixon Devore - Mr. Drummerman
The Shaggs - My Pal Foot Foot
Commercial - Meow Mix
ABC - Look of Love Part 2
Shirley Bassey - Light My Fire
Humpe Humpe - Happiness is Hard to Take
Pierre Raymonde - The Stripper's Strut

October 1, 2001

Jack Fascinato - An Old Saw
Tracy Ullman - They Don't Know
The Amazing Pink Things - Hurt Someone's Feelings Today
Naomi Hall - Show ID/Bride Of The Monster
The Ventures - Skylab (Passport To The Future)
Uri Geller - Velvet Space
The Dukes of Stratosphear - The Mole From The Ministry
Brute Force - No Olympian Height
Brite Spots - Belonging
Bill Walker, his Orchestra and Chorus - A World Without Love
Joy and Dave - Let's Go See Grandma
John "Bowtie" Barstow - Happy Days
Murray Wilson - The Colonel's March
Red Shadow - Understanding Marx
Bill Wright Jr. - Prayer Changes People
Debbie Ferrar - Would You Believe
The New Christy Minstrels - Downtown
Burlington Edison Hi-Lighters - Knowing Me Knowing You
The Happy Balloon - Among The First To Know
The Dukes of Stratosphear - Brainiac's Daughter
Dr. Steel - Chickens On The Run
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Channel No. 17
Hot Butter - Mah-Na-Mah-Na
Mel Blanc - I Love Me
Jean Jacques Perrey - Quand Le Temps Sera Venu
Francois de Roubaix and Louis de Funes - Les Poupons
Troy Lukkarila - Why Can't I Get A Gig?
Brute Force - The World Is Filled With Bullshit
Optiganally Yours - Wichita Lineman
Uri Geller - I Cannot Answer You
Ray Conniff - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
The Free Design - An Elegy
Van Dyke Parks - Vine Street / Palm Desert
Richard Dawson - Apples and Oranges
Gary McFarland - Ringo, Won't You Marry Me
Jacki Sorensen - Aerobic Dance, Sweet Caroline
George Liberace - Oh Thanks!

September 24, 2001

The Twist Show with Dana Countryman

Dana's Twist Intro
Ray Anthony and the Bookends - Let's Twist
Big Charlie and his Lemon Twisters - Twist That Twist
Charlie "Hoss" Singleton Combo - The Big Twist
Frank Sinatra - Everybody's Twistin'
Morry's Royal Twist Lounge Commercial
Murray The K (as "The Lone Twister") - The Lone Twister
Frito Twist Dance Instruction Part 1
Carl Stevens and his Orchestra - Lazy River Twist
Billy Martin and his Orchestra - Twistin' Queen
Oliver and the Twisters - T-W-I-S-T
The WCKR Twist
Big Charlie and his Lemon Twisters - Twistin' Farm
Frito Twist Dance Instruction Part 2
Lester Lanin and his Orchestra - Aloha Oe Twist
Sam Cooke - Twistin' The Night Away
The Cat-A-Lacs - Babysitter Twist
Teddy Reynold and the Twisters - I Want To Twist With You Baby
Herbie Jay - He Won The Purple Heart For Doing The Twist
Rod McKuen - Off Her List ('Cause I Can't Do The Twist)
Keely Smith - Twistin' Cowboy Joe
Frito Twist Dance Instruction Part 3
Jack Hammer - Crazy Twist
Connie Francis - Kissin' Twist
Jo Ann Campbell - Let Me Do My Twist
Steve Garrick and his Party Twisters - Astro Twist
Verner's Twist Commercial
Steve Lawrence - The Lady Wants To Twist
George Hudson and the Kings of Twist - My Blue Heaven
Chubby Checker - Twistin' USA
Frito Twist Dance Instruction Part 4
Ann Sue - Twist and Freeze
The Chipmunks - The Alvin Twist
George Hudson and the Kings of Twist - It's Twistin' Time
King Curtis Combo - The Arthur Murray Twist
Judy Jay and the Moonglows - Scrapbook Twist
Sea Breeze Inn Commercial
Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker - Teach Me To Twist
Blue Flames - Bowling USA Twist
Big Charlie and his Lemon Twisters - Twist It Up
Louis Prima - Doin' The Twist
Jack Hammer - Kissin' Twist
The Southwest Trio - Southwest Bowl Twist
Connie Francis - Mister Twister
Kay Armen - I Wanna Twist
Billy Nix - Moon Twist
Frito Twist Dance Instruction Part 5
Rod McKuen - Seattle Twist
Randy Thomas and the Twisters - Twistin' All Night Long
Keely Smith - Mother Goose Twist
Chubby Checker - Mexican Hat Twist
Ray Anthony and the Bookends - Twistin' Alice

September 17, 2001

Ken Nordine - Hello
Tony Rodelle Larson - Bear Rug
George Garabedian Players - Sound Of Music
The Good Time People - I Love To Eat
Jayne Mansfield - Suey
Mrs. Miller - Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
George Garabedian Players - Whipped Cream
The Mothers Of Invention - Let's Make The Water Turn Black
Kilopop! - Sky Men
Death By Chocolate - Ice Cold Lemonade
JIMA (Dictionaraoke Project) - Anarchy In The UK
T. Valentine - Hello Lucille Are You A Lesbian?
Frank Lyndon - The Fonzarelli Slide
Tijuana Brass - Unocal Radio Spot
George Garabedian Players - Spanish Flea
Ivor Cutler Trio - Good Morning! How Are You? Shut Up!
Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans - Zoom A Little Zoom (Rocket Ship)
Lucia Pamela - Indian Alphabet Chant (a-i-iddy-i-o-o-o)
Patsy Raye & The Beatniks - Beatnik's Wish
Daniel Johnston - I Will
Kilopop! - Who Are Parents?
Hugo Montenegro - Don't Think Twice (It's Alright)
Diablito - The Jungle
Clothilde - Le Ballade Du Bossu
Usha Uthup & Chorus - One Two Cha Cha Cha
Special Music By Special People - Color Of Love
The Bonzo Dog Band - Sport (The Odd Boy)
Ivor Cutler Trio - I'm Happy
The Former Yugoslavia (Dictionaraoke Project) - Bohemian Rhapsody
Daniel Johnston - The Sun Shines Down On Me
R. Stevie Moore & Krystyna Olsiewicz - Where Do The Children Play?
The Mothers Of Invention - Who Needs The Peace Corps?
Nina Hagen - Future Is Now
Kilopop! - Sure Wish That He Wasn't Here
The Third Wave - Eleanor Rigby
Eddie Noack - Psycho
Bing Day - Mama's Place
Tom Lehrer - The Old Dope Peddler
Marcy Tigner - Abide With Me
Daniel Johnston - I'd Like To Say Goodbye

September 10, 2001

with B.C. Sterrett

Archbishop Jason Polland, B.C. Sterrett, & Korbi Povey - Intro
Cab Calloway w/ The Kipper Kids - Some of These Days
The Nourishment - Buddy Cried
Joe Tepperman Station ID
Optiganally Yours - Stop Touching Me
Skeleton Crew - The Sparrow Song
The 12 Steppes - Me and Sally
Mailbox - A Little More
Mental Rental - Hero's Lament in the Park/Heroine Appears
Tom Owen - Super Computer
My Man Friday - Tangerine
The Bran Flakes - Give Yourself a Stereo Check-Out
Ron Frangipane & his Orchestra - Something
Rev. Fred Lane & Ron Pate's Debonaires - Shoelaces
Gazzillion - Never Play Baseball with a Hornet's Nest (PSA)
They Might Be Giants - Violin (?)
Barnes & Barnes - Ah A
Jonny Cohen's Love Machine - I'm Not an Anorexic
Majestic - Bub
Archbishop Jason Polland - The Lemon Pledge
James Kochalka Superstar - Have You Ever Kissed An Idiot?
Bubble Couch - Parachuting
Optiganally Yours - Walk & Chew Gum
The 12 Steppes - It's All Good
NSPS - The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg
Brian Dewan - Cadavers
Mark Mothersbaugh Station ID - Takes 1 & 2
DEVO - Love is Stronger Than Dirt
The Residents & Renaldo and The Loaf - The Shoe Salesman
My Mom's Station ID
Dick "Two Ton" Baker - I Like Stinky Cheese
GST Mugwump - My Many Smells
Tama - Onaka Panpan
Milky - Emperor of Oranges
Bereft - The Appropriately Titled Song
Sparks - Under The Table With Her
Thirsty Alley Station ID
Thirsty Alley - I Formed the World with My Tongue, I Cleared...
Flossie and The Unicorns - Free Guitar Lessons For Animals

September 3, 2001

with Evolution Control Committee

DJ Pantshead and The ECC - Intro
Sesam Strasse - Mah Na Mah Na
Mae West - Criswell Predicts
Jam Productions - Drums and Call Letters
De MiniStars - Amadeus
March Into 1985 Demo LP - Obsession
600 Second Miracle Promo Record Excerpt
DJ Pantshead of The ECC - Untitled Scratchabilly
Pat and Darrell - Sleeper Cab Home
Peter Marks - C.B. Okie from Muskogee
Switched On Nashville - Folsom Prison Blues
Claro Music Corporation - Mister X Sings
DJ Pantshead of The ECC - Swingle Bombers
Rev. John Rydgren - Hippie Version Of Creation
The Weird Love Makers - Boy Scout In The Everglades
Richard Hayman - Hare Krishna
Mel Blanc - Money
Ken Nordine - Electro-Voice Series D Organ Demonstration Intro
The Three Suns - When Yuba Plays the Rhumba on the Tuba
Westinghouse - He Got No Westinghouse Franchise
The Billy Nayer Show - Fickey
Exploring Music Vol. 8 - Your Voice Is You
Rev. John Rydgren - Search It Out
DJ Pantshead of The ECC - Surfin' Bass
Roger Price - An Expose of Hi Fidelity (excerpt)
V V M - Take My Beef Away
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson - Soul Transportation
The History of Unheard Music - Even The Ugliest Thing

August 20, 2001

The Weird Wide World Of Joe Meek with Frank M. Young

Joe Meek's Secretary - "Telstore" answering machine message
Joe Meek - He's All Mine (demo; unreleased)
The Tornados - Love And Fury (1962)
The Outlaws - Dream Of The West (1961)
Mike Berry and the Outlaws - Tribute To Buddy Holly (1961)
The Blue Rondos - Little Baby (1964)
Joe Meek and Dave Adams- As Time Goes By, composing demo
Alan Dean & His Problems - As Time Goes By (1964)
Joy & Dave - They Tell Us Not To Love (alternate) (1961)
David Adams - Lonely Street (demo), (c. 1961)
Chad Carson - They Were Wrong (1964)
Bobby Rio - When Love Was Young (1965)
The Honeycombs - Once You Know (1964)
The Honeycombs - Love In Tokyo (1965)
Joe Meek - Bing Bang Bong (composing demo; unreleased)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Love Dance Of The Saroos (stereo)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Dance Of The Globbots (stereo)
The Outlaws - Western Sunset (1961)
Geoff Goddard - Sky Men (first demo version)
Geoff Goddard - Sky Men (released version; 1963)
John Leyton - Heart Of Stone (1962)
Don Charles - Heart's Ice Cold (1963)
Jamie Lee & The Atlantics - In The Night (1963)
Joe Meek - Untitled ("The Big Beat Drum")
Glenda Collins - I Lost My Heart At The Fairground (1963)
The Farridays - Two Brothers (unreleased; 1962)
The Packabeats - Theme From 'The Traitors' (1963)
The Outlaws - Husky Team (1961)
The Tornados - Untitled (unreleased; c. 1966)
John Leyton - Voodoo Woman (1961)
Geoff Goddard - You Were There (unreleased demo c. 1964)
Rodd, Ken & The Cavaliers - Happy Valley (1960)
Iain Gregory - The Night You Told A Lie (1961)
Joe Meek - My Baby's Coming Home (songwriting demo)
The Millionaires - Wishing Well (1966)
The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone (1965)
The Honeycombs - Can't Get Through To You (1965)
Pamela Blue - Hey There Stranger (1963)
Lea & Chess - Little Star (unreleased until 1996; c. 1964)
Joe Meek - Baby, I've Been Good To You
Ricky Wayne - Why Pretend (unreleased; c. 1960)
Heinz - Questions I Can't Answer (1964)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men- Magnetic Field (stereo mix)
Joe Meek & The Blue Men- Valley of No Return (stereo mix)
The Tornados - Hot Pot (1964)
The Tornados - Cyclone (unreleased until 1998; recorded 1963)
John Leyton - Wild Wind (1961)
Heinz - The Beating Of My Heart (1964)
The Honeycombs - This Too Shall Pass Away (1964)

August 20, 2001

Nothing But Children Singing! AARRGGHH!!!!!

Tiny Tot Rachel - Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
The Humbards - I've Found a Hiding Place
Robin and Crystal Bernard - The Monkey Song
Girls With Attitude - Don't Judge Me
Little Lisa - Proud Mary
The Mormon Kids - I'm a Mormon
Forest Heights Elementary School - Downtown
Tiny Tot Calvin - Only a Boy Named David
The Singing McMurrays - Put Your Hand In The Hand
Kevin, John and Eric - Here Comes The Sun
Justin - Rock And Roll Boy
Lol Coxhill with Claire, Simon, Maddie and Loo - I Am The Walrus
Michael Fobes - Rock Around The Clock
Jerry Mathers - Wind Up Toy
Kirsten & Heather Mayne - Silver Bells
Girls With Attitude - When You Do This To Me
Conti Family - Hey Jude
The Singing McMurrays - Good News
Daddy & Daughter - Honeycomb Sticks
Tiny Tot Rachel - Rolled Away
The Humbards - I'm Going Higher
The Mormon Kids - Daddy, Aren't You Glad
Cindy Brady - Frosty The Snowman
The Music Machine - I Love You
Lena Zavaroni - River Deep, Mountain High
The Langley Schools Music Project - Band On The Run
The Cheese Band - I Like Cheese
Eileen - Seek Ye First
Buryl Red and Grace Hawthorne - Know When To Say No
Justin and Tanya - Love
Mouse - Wear A Yellow Raincoat
Dicken Elementary School Band - Five Foot Two
The Singing McMurrays - You Laid Your Hand On The Range
Michael Daniel Byas - You May Be Right
Robin and Crystal Bernard - The Ecumenical Movement
Shannon and April - Peanut Butter
Little Davey - Goobers
Some Kid Drummer - Drum Solo
Danny Bonaduce - 59th Street Bridge Song
Rodney Allen Rippy - Take Life a Little Easier
Tiny Tot Calvin - Say Will You Be Ready
The Singing McMurrays - Jesus Loves Me
The Langley Schools Music Project - You're So Good To Me
Little Karen - Having Fun With Her Recorder
Unknown Kids - Manipulating A Fisher Price Cassette
Charlie & Todd - Guitar and Kazoo Instrumental

August 13, 2001

Swan Dive - Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Sergio Perez - Venus-Vallet Hippie
Jayne Mansfield - That Makes It
Mae West - Treat Him Right
Elvis - She's a Machine
Racquel Welch - I'm Ready To Groove
Perez Pilar - Bostella Express
The Bonzo Dog Band - Hello Mabel
Indonesian Bamboo Orchestra - When The Saints Go Marching In
David Seville - Mediocre
Hedgehoppers Anonymous - It's Good News Week
The Eligables - Car Trouble
The Frivolous Five - Spanish Flea
Gary Shelton - The Trance
Rick Rondone - Get Off My Back
The Beverly Hillbillies (Granny) - Vittles
Ronald K. Wells - The Entrance/God Is Dead/If God Is Dead
The Space Lady - Major Tom
The Langley Schools Music Project - Space Oddity
Bathing Beauty - Hope This Plane Never Lands
The Shangri-Las - You Can Never Go Home Anymore
AIR - Ce Matin La
The Lorraine Bowen Experience - The French Song
The Christian Con Man - Melody Of Love
Francis Lai - 124 Miles An Hour
Marty Manning and his Orchestra - Far Away Places
Arthur Lyman - Hawaii Five-O
Lesley Clark - The Man Who Plays Music On His Fingers
Elton & Edith Crowell - Precious Hiding Place (Saw, Organ and Vibe)

August 6, 2001

The Langley Schools Music Project - Riannon
Shadow Morton - Dressed In Black
Eyvind Kang - Theme From 1st NADE
Bruce Haack - Snow Job
Autry Inman - The Ballad of Two Brothers
William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Cathy Rigby - Stay Free Aerobics
The Wilson Malone Marching Band - Penny Lane
The Lawrence Welk Singers - The Polka Lesson
The Embers - I Think I Love You
Paul At The Calliope - Prelude To Carmen
R.A.M. Pietsch - Piggies
Brigitte Bardot - L'Appareil A Sous
Guy Drake - Welfare Cadillac
Dion - Purple Haze
Nellie Lutcher - Scream In The Night
Aika Bingo - Tokyo Boogie Woogie
Suburban Lawns - Janitor
The Lords - Que Sera Sera
Tsunematsu Masatoshi - Nowhere Man
Sonia - Agui En Mi Nube
The Bugaloos - If You Become a Bugaloo
Bruce Haack - Right On
Burl Ives - Homeward Bound
The Bogmen - Lucille
Buddy Starcher - History Repeats Itself
Mark Lindsay - Swingin'
Bill Anderson - Where Have All The Heroes Gone?
Sing Along With JFK - Let The Word Go Forth
A.J. (Allan) Thicke - Wonderous Bobby Orr
Vagabond Cinema Pops Arkestra - Snake Woman
The Bonzo Dog Band - Canyons of Your Mind
Jack Webb - Do I Love You (Because You're Beautiful)
Linda McCartney - Hey Jude

July 30, 2001

Jack Wagner - Fuck
Brute Force - King Of Fuh
The Space Lady - Strobe Light Lasers
Shari Lewis - Introduction
The Third Wave - Got To Get You Into My Life
Mike Williams - Johnny Be Good
Louis Prima - Beep Beep
Glidden Paints - Going Places
The Kids Of The Kingdom - I Dig Rock N Roll Music
Faye Richmond - My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
Jim And Tammy And Their Friends - Praise The Lord
Johnny Dupont - Caravan
Christine Pilzer - Champs Elysees
Vera Chillon - Bibi
Sing Along With JFK - Alliance For Progress Bossa Nova
Lloyd Thaxton - Tennessee Ska
Jim Nabors - Hot Dog Heart
Mike Williams - Blue Suede Shoes
The Space Lady - Lord Deliver Us/Showdown
16mm School Soundtrack - Lsd: Insight Or Insanity (1968)
Noel Harrison - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Bathing Beauty - Castles In The Air
The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Bicycle Adventure
The Music Machine - Be Humble
Little Markie - Little Markie Goes To Calvary
Doug The Dog - Did Ezekiel See A Ufo
Scatman Crothers - Exactly Like That
Tom Lehrer - National Brotherhood Week
Harold Rome - King Of The Bushongo
Pastor John Rydgren - Dark Side Of The Flower
Morgan Freeman (The Electric Company) - Easy Reader
Banda De Tepetlixpa - Yesterday
Monique Thubert - Avec Les Oreilles
David Epley's Sound Of Joy - Life
Bell Telephone Labs - Computer Speech
Al Morgan - My Way

July 16, 2001

The Modern Barbershop Quartet - We've Only Just Begun
Christian Con Man - Margie
Eden Ahbez - Eden's Cove
Combustible Edison - Coven Of Witches
Ralph M. Lewis - Rosicrucian Meditation Moods
Les Maledictus - Sound Crazy Circus
Pastor John Rydgren - Disadvantages Of Life
101 Strings - Love At First Site
Telly Savalas - If
Al Morgan - All I Ever Need Is You
The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Crumble Song
Marlene Dietrich - Black Market
Chaino - Jungle Chase
16mm School Soundtrack - Shake Hands With Danger (1980)
Tom Lehrer - Be Prepared
Sam Sachs - You Too, You Too?
Peter Nero - Xochimilco
Eden Ahbez - La Mar
Christian Con Man - Maui Girl
Jim And Tammy And Their Friends - The Joy Of The Lord
Vijaya Anand (Naane Mabaraja) - I Am The Emperor
Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream
Ann Margret - Make Love To Me
Merv Griffin - Charleston
Bob Moore - Mais Oui
Voices Of The 70's
Wendy's Hamburgers - Training Video Grill Skills
Nbc - Production Number (Outtake)
Franklyn Maccormack - Alone
Frances Bogart White - Lizanthia
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77 - Walk The Way You Talk
The Lorraine Bowen Experience - Modern Way Of Living
Yukari Fresh - Raymond (Erobique Mix)
Jonas Nordwall The Organ Grinder - Mama Mia
Franklyn Maccormack - I Cannot Be Alone

July 9, 2001

David Candy - Incomprehensibly Yours
Anthony Perkins - Summertime Love
Leona Anderson - Habanera
Mel Henke - Open The Door, Richard!
Bob Rosengarden & Phil Kraus - The Comedians
Bob Dorough - Johnny One Note
Brute Force - The Sad Sad World Of Mothers And Fathers
The Detergents - Leader Of The Laundromat
The Frivolous Five - Tijuana Taxi
John "Bowtie" Barstow - Alley Oop
Shooby Taylor - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
Hidden And Satanic Messages In Rock Music - The Beatles
Los Xochimilacas - Quiero Estchar Tu Mano
Hidden And Satanic Messages In Rock Music - The Beatles
Enoch Light - Fool On The Hill
Dr. Dobson And Susan Baker - Rock Music Lyrics
Dr. Charles H. Bucher - Slimnastics
The Shaggs - Shaggs' Own Thing
The Young Americans - Up With The People Of The World
Nervous Norvos - Transfusion
Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes - Motor Cycle Maniac
Eddie Garson - I Was Feelin' Low
Hidden And Satanic Messages In Rock Music - Led Zeppelin
Porter Waggoner - Rubber Room
Leona Anderson - Rats In My Room
Felton Jarvis & The Fel-Tones - Ski King
The Young Australians - Shadow Valley & Iron Triangles
R. Stevie Moore & The Chrysanthemums - Holocaust Parade
The Idle Race - The Skeleton And The Roundabout
Hidden And Satanic Messages In Rock Music - Elo
The Lounge-O-Leers - Xanadu
Mel Henke - Exotic Adventure
Les Sequelles - Monstre-A-Go-Go
Bob's Other Pants - The Van Man
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P. - Yesterday
Goldfrapp - Lovely Head
Claudine Longet - Snow
Brute Force - Making Faces At Each Other
Wallace & Ladmo - Michelle
Mel Blanc - That's All Folks!

July 2, 2001

David Kiesel And Kaaren Herr - Here We Are Together
Fred Lowery - I Whistle A Happy Tune
Your Broker Paul Scheibner - Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Brute Force - In Jim's Garage
The Lounge-O-Leers - Mrs. Robinson
Columbia High Fidelity - Columbia Speaker Balancing Test
Frances Bogart White - Touch Of Your Lips
The Shaggs - I Love
Fred Weinburg - 1958 Revisited
The Kids Of Widney High - Primary Reinforcement
Jimmy Mitchell - Mack The Knife
Brute Force - To Sit On A Sandwich
Daniel Johnston - Walking The Cow
Girls With Attitude - Don't Judge Me
Krystyna Olsiewicz - Rock 'N Roll Love Letta
Naomi Hall - Something About Ishka
Frances Bogart White - These Foolish Things
Dave Vorhaus - The Diy Machine
Walt Disney's Kivat Satulaulut - Kissalaulu
Mel Blanc - Daffy's Rhapsody
Julius Wechter And The Baja Marimba Band - Spanish Flea
Myron Lockett - Misty
The Lounge-O-Leers - Freebird
Jimmy Mitchell - Mongoloid Buckaroo
Anton Maiden - The Trooper
Girls With Attitude - When You Do This To Me
The Sunshine Singers Of Mexia State School - If My People
Huguenin/Sanna - Jackpot
Seks Bomba - Casino Royale
Optigan - Promotional Cassette (1972)
Fred Weinburg - A Childs Life
Prank Call Grab Bag - Michael Jackson Goes Shopping
Bob Moore - Fire Ball Mail
Frances Bogart White - Midnite Wire Transfer
Sounds Galactic - Across The Universe
Claudine Longet - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

June 25, 2001

Frank Masi - Stairway To Stardom
Jerry Mathers - Wind Up Toy
Myron Lockett - Take The "A" Train
Richard Simmons - American Dental Association Psa
Lonely Tooth
Mel Blanc - Toot Toot Tootsie
Exercise Record - 6 Second Pulse Count
Huguenin/Sanna - Hulla Hoop
Walt Disney's Kivat Satulaulut - Keisarin Laulu
Jaye P. Morgan - Sensuous You
The Evolution Control Committee - I Want A Cookie
The Frivolous Five - The Lonely Bull
Merv Griffin - Have A Nice Trip
James Brown - Psa
Tipsy - Hey!
Dr. Love - Mr. Snuggles
Casey Kasem - Cancer
Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson - Cancer
You Can Be Black And In The Navy Too - Say Brother Psa
Jean Jacques Perrey - Colonie Celeste
The Lorraine Bowen Experience - The French Song
One Hour - Panda Riot
Tom Jones - Help Yourself
Michael Daniel Byas - You May Be Right
The Humbards - When The Saints Go Marching
Tony Randall And Kristin Pampinella - No One Asks Me
Warren Barker And Frank Comstock - Mickey Mouse Club
Brian Wilson - Smart Girls
Los Xochimilcas - Ella Te Ama
Pat Boone - Speedy Gonzalas
Sounds Galactic - Telstar
Sebastian Cabot - Like A Rolling Stone
Naomi Hall - Bride Of The Monster
Combustible Edison - Vertigogo (Opening Theme)
Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D. - Sex For Teens (Where It's At)
Lena Zavaroni - The End Of The World
Frank Masi - Stairway To Stardom

June 18, 2001

Product Music

Sylvania - Listen And Compare
Ford Motor Company - The Going Thing
Revlon - Shangri-Las' Radio Spots
Chevrolet - The Buick Thrill-A-Minute Club
Auto-Lite (Raymond Scott) - Auto-Lite: Spark Plugs
Polaroid - Meet The Swinger
Valvolene - Swinging Sights And Sounds
Exxon - Up Came Oil
Charles H. Stern Agency (Les Baxter) - Ad Spots
Budweiser - When You Say Bud
7-11 - Dance The Slurp
Waffle House - Waffle House Family
American Standards - My Bathroom...
U.S. Army - The Heritage Of The U.S. Army
Kentucky Fried Chicken - Col. Harland Sanders Outtakes
Ge Silicones - We've Got A Story To Tell
Bubble Up - Bubble Up
Chiquita Bananas - I'm A Chiquita Banana
Chevrolet - Roll Chevy Roll
Ford Motor Company - Tractor Driving Man
Dominion Motor Graders - Only Motor Graders
Asera - Asera Everywhere
Coke - It's The Real Thing
Ge Silicones - The Answer
Nordwest - Schuhe Swinging Nordwest
General Motors - Fridgidare Fridgidare, Fridgidare
Sprite (Raymond Scott) - Melonball Bounce
R.A. Moog Company - 1971 Demo Disc
Lowenbrau - Here's To Good Friends
J.C. Penney's - Opening Day At The Golden Rule
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines - It's Better To Fly Klm
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. - Rappin' With Gas
Strahler 70 - Strahler 70
Chromalox - The Eight Seasons Of Chromalox
Dupont - A New Life For Everyone Inside The Outer Shape
Meow Mix - Meow Meow Meow Meow

June 11, 2001

People's Temple Choir - Welcome
Bob Moore - Hell's Angels
Seks Bomba - Love Me Pts 1 & 2
Les Sequelles - Mileux Vaut Tard Que Jamais
Atu - Simpatizo
Monica Cambia - Tu Disco
Laurent Lombard - Happy Adventure
Krystyna Olsiewicz & R. Stevie Moore - There's A Place
Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes
Loco Valdes - Medico Brujo
Sonny Maresco - Chattanooga Choo-Choo
Rosko - Jo
Bill Cosby - Luv Is
Franklyn Maccormack - Melody Of Love
Jimmy Mitchell - Eres Tu
R. Stevie Moore - On The Spot
New Albanian Riots - Spacemen Against The Supernatural
Les Sequelles - Cocktail Monotone
Seks Bomba - I.R.O.C.
Vikki Carr - Meditacao (Meditation)
Ramon Leal And Beatrice Binotti - Bim Bom
Tropicanos - My Sweet Lord
Gene Marshall - Love Can Strike You In The Strangest Places
Billy Joe Burnette - The Colonel & The King
Westchester Public Junior High School - Tijuana Taxi
Optiganally Yours - Spanish Flea
Holiday City Hot Cha Kitchen Band - Sweetheart Mountain
Vagabond Cinema Pops Arkestra - Stoned Scott's Son
Enoch Light - Pass And I Call You
Georges Garvarentz - Haschisch Party
Ohio University Marching Band - Overture To Tommy
Sonny Maresco - At The Sav-A-Penny Super Store
Eduardo Maresco - Mueve De Dinero
Julius Wechter & The Baja Marimba Band - I'll Marimba You!
Snoopy's Beatle Classics - Do You Want To Know A Secret
Bob Moore - (Theme From) My Three Sons
Bas Shiva And Les Baxter - Lust
Atu - Las Luces, Las Sombras De La Ciudad
Elo - Grieg's Piano Concerto In A Minor
Darwin Gross - Oh, How I Love The Blessed Sugmad
The Jethros - You're Something Special To Me

June 4, 2001

Cha Cha Cha

How To Cha Cha Cha - Introduction
Esquivel - Mucha Muchacha
Enoch Light - Speak To Me Of Love Cha Cha
How To Cha Cha Cha - Ladies Basic Step
The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha
Tito Morano And His Orchestra - La La Cha Cha
Yma Sumac - Cha Cha Gitano
Serge Gainsbourg - Cha Cha Cha Du Loup
Dean Martin - Cha-Cha-Cha D' Amour
The Rinky Dinks - Choo Choo Cha Cha
Westchester Junior High School - Skip To My Lou Cha Cha
Merv Griffin - Chattanooga Choo Choo
Martin Denny - My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua...
How To Cha Cha Cha - Man's Basic Step
Don Swan & His Orchestra - Hooray For Hollywood
Pat Reader - Cha-Cha On The Moon
Melanchrino Orchestra - Yodelin' Cowboy Cha Cha
Frankie Davidson - Lawrence Rock-A-Cha-Cha
The Rockin' Bellmarx - Cha Cha Americano
Your Princess Cruise Line Adventure - Dance The Cha Cha
Jackie Davis - Glow Worm Cha Cha Cha
Mike Simpson And Orchestra - Listen To The Mocking Bird
Winfred Atwell - Hawaiian Cha Cha
The Synthetic Cha Cha Band - Synthetic Cha Cha
Senor Coconut - Neon Lights (Cha Cha Cha)
The Kabalas - Photograph Of Aunt Rachel...
Malando And Orchestra - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas?
Ernesto Aquino And His Orchestra - Siamese Cha Cha
The Mcguire Sisters - Achoo Cha Cha
Ferrante & Teicher - Chopsticks Cha Cha
Bert Kaempfert - Cha Cha Brasilia

May 28, 2001

The Langley Schools Music Project - You're So Good To Me
The Braemar Baptist Church - Whoopee And Hooray
Ukuleles On Tour - Music Department Song
16mm School Soundtrack - Crash Bang Boom (1970)
Jack Castanzo - Mr. Bongo
Ken Thorne And His Orchestra - Sunshine Of Your Love
Lara & The Trailers - Run For Your Life
16mm School Soundtrack - Acid, The Story Of Lsd (1971)
Arcesia - Pictures In My Window
Victor Lundburg - To The Flower Power
Unknown - Up Up And Away
Lulu - To Sir With Love
Monique Gaube - Avec Amour
Arling & Cameron - With Fay Lovsky Jealousie
R. Stevie Moore - Music To Watch Girls By
Perrey & Kingsley - Cosmic Ballad
Up With People - In New York City
16mm School Soundtrack - Telezonia
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp. - Rappin' With Gas
The Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band - Squeeze Box
Forest Heights Elementary School - Everyday People
Bobbejann - Ich Muss Ein Cow-Boy Sein
Trailer - School For Unclaimed Girls
John & Jackie - Little Girl
Art & Diane Linkletter - We Love You, Call Collect
Franklyn Maccormack - I Have Forgotten You
Arcesia - Mechanical Doll
The Beach Boys - Heroes And Villains
Wendy & Bonnie - Let Yourself Go Another Time
Ziggy Bathtub - Bowie Medley
Raymond Scott - Confusion Among A Fleet Of Taxicabs...
Lawrence Welk - Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn

May 21, 2001

Think - Gotta Get To Know Each Other
Ray Conniff And The Singers - Shaft
Gordon Thomas - New Moon
B.F. Goodrich - The Tubeless Tire Swing (Side One)
Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band - Roundabout
B.F. Goodrich - The Tubeless Tire Swing (Side Two)
Groovers - Groovy
Dean Milan - Do It Like A Dog
Nino Rota - Smiling Faces
Joe Sherman - That Certain Party In Apt. 14c
Mouse - Wear A Yellow Raincoat
Steve Allen - Rule Number 8
Ralf Paulsen - Bonanza
The Beach Boys - Mrs. O'leary's Cow
16mm School Soundtrack - Telezonia
The Fairfax High School Marimba Band - Popcorn
Forest Heights Elementary - I Know A Place / Downtown
Harold J. Rome - Selected Jingle #1
Kit Ream - Don't Be So Holy Poly Over My Souly
Think - My Children
Don Sebesky - Lady Madonna
Harold J. Rome - Selected Jingle #2
Ziggy Bathtub - It Had To Be You
Yma Sumac - Look Around
Eartha Kitt - Love For Sale
Jane Birkin - Jane B
Wendy And Bonnie - The Paisley Window Pane
Think - Once You Understand
Gordon Thomas - Have A Good Day
Harold J. Rome - Selected Jingle #3
Maria Napoleon - Aerial View Of The City
Steve Allen - Think Back... 9 Rules
Lawrence Welk - Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn

May 14, 2001

Outer Space And Beyond

Stereo From Outer Space - Introduction
The Ventures - War Of The Satellites
Star Trek - Psa
Mel Henke - Woman In Space
Buchanan & Goodman - Flying Saucer (Part 1)
The Earthboys - Space Girl
The Missles - Space Ship
The Mcguire Sisters - Space Ship
Rodd Keith - Lost In Space
Trailer - Space Raiders
Lucia Pamela - Moontown/Walking On The Moon
Jimmy Durante - We're Going Ufo'ing
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Space Mission #12
Schoolhouse Rock - Interplanet Janet
Buchanan & Goodman - Flying Saucer (Part 2)
Sheldon Allman - Girl In The 4th Dimension
Perrey & Kingsley - Barnyard In Orbit
William Shatner - Rocket Man
101 Strings - Flameout
Eric Idle - The Galaxy Song
The Kirby Stone 4 - You Came From Outer Space
Trailer - Battle Beyond The Stars
Marty Manning And His Orchestra - Forbidden Planet
Dick Hyman And Mary Mayo - Space Reflex (Blues In 5/4)
Tangela Tricoli - Space Woman
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - I Hear A New World
Russ Garcia And His Orchestra - Lost Souls Of Saturn
Les Baxter W/ Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman - Celestial Nocturne
Far Out Space Nuts - Theme Song
Buchanan & Goodman - Flying Saucer The 2nd
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - I'm The Urban Spaceman
Raymond Scott - Celebration On The Planet Mars
Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan - Song Of The Second Moon
Star Trek - The Human Factor (Beginning)
Rose Hill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble - Star Trek
Star Trek - The Human Factor (Conclusion)
Buchanan & Goodman - Flying Saucer The 3rd
The Jetsons - End Title

May 7, 2001

It's my Birthday and I'm playing 4 long cuts while I eat cake and drink wine

Wayne Butane - Seduckted (Part One)
Negativland - Helter Stupid
Larry Blake - The Complacent American
Wayne Butane - Seduckted (Part Two)

April 30, 2001

Wordless Vocalizations

Chuck Barris - Treasure Hunt Losers Theme
Francis Lai - Marseillaise Generique
Klaus Doldinger - Wild Freshness
Vic Mizzy - The Anxiety Tango
Lenny Dee - Cute
Yma Sumac - Magenta Mountain
Dennis Farnon & Marni Nixon - Sheepish Bo-Peep
Ronald K Wells & The Youth Choir - The Entrance
The Swingle Sisters - Fugue In D Minor
Piero Piccioni - Babylon I'm Comin'
Bob Thompson, His Choir And Orchestra - Diga Diga Doo
Klaus Wilsthoff - Polycolor
The Barry Gesmo Experience - Girl On A Snowmobile
The Happy Balloon - Love Has A Way
Maria Napoleon - Dreams And Reveries
Francis Lai - Snow Frolic
Georges Garvarentz - Nues Dans L'eau
Franco De Gemini - Cheops And Nefertiti
Dick Hyman And Mary Mayo - Stella By Starlight
Les Baxter And Beverly Ford - Ruby
Combustible Edison - Call Of The Space Siren
Claudine Longet - While You're Sleeping
Yma Sumac - El Condor Pasa
Piero Umiliani - Le Ragazze Dell'arcipelago
Gert Wilden - Madchen Die Nach Munchen Kommen
Andre Brasseur - Pow Pow
Tomorrow's World - Leslie Phillips In Santiago
Beaumont - City Pretty
Leonard Nimoy - Music To Watch Space Girls By
Harry Revel, Les Baxter & Samuel J. Hoffman - Many Moods
Percy Faith - The Duck
Gert Wilden - Madchen Die Nach Munchen Kommen
Piero Umiliani - Beer, Vermouth E Gin
Wallpaper - A Song For The Jet Set
Vangelis - 12 O'clock

April 23, 2001

Lawrence Welk - We Can Make Music
Optiganally Yours - Stop Touching Me (Les Gibis Mix)
The Free Design - An Elegy
Bruno Nicolai - Kiss Bang Bang
Honor Blackman - World Without Love
Julie London - Stone Soul Picnic
Eve Plumb - How Will It Be
Stan Freberg - Who Listens To Radio?
Paul Tripp - How Does Radar Work?
Harvey Sid Fischer - Aries
Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson - Aries
The Free Design - California Dreamin'
The Langley Ukulele Ensemble - Johnny B Goode
Ian Whitcomb & His Bungalow Boys - Do I Love You?
R.S. King - Sink Symphony
Big Fresh - Introduce Ourselves
Stina Nordenstam - Sailing
France Gall - Les Sucettes
Esquivel - Harlem Nocturne
Michel Magne & Jean Yanne - Petrol Pop
Skitch Henderson - The Mule
The Jethroes - Sweet Caroline
Optiganally Yours - Mr. Wilson
The Pop Singers And Orchestra - Hawaii Five-O
The Atom Ant Show - Theme Title
Big Daddy - Super Freak
Georgia Jumpers With King Benny Nawahi - Ukulele Benny
Florence Foster Jenkins - Laidoff, The Musical Snuff Box
Culturcide - They Aren't The World
Bill Joy - How Long Are You Staying?
Papaw And Me - Sunlight
Christian Con Man - My Valentine
Lawrence Welk - Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn

April 16, 2001


Trailer - Batman
Jan & Dean - Batman
Nelson Riddle - To The Batmobile!
Radio Spot - Batman Toys!
Neal Hefti - Batman Chase
Sam Chaplin - Batman
Batgirl - Psa
The Marketts - Batman
Adam West - Miranda
The Ventures - Batman
Batman - Tv Promo
Burgess Meredith - The Capture
Neal Hefti - The Mafista
Link Wray - Batman
Nelson Riddle - Batusi A Go Go
Jan & Dean - The Joker Is Wild
Dickie Goodman - Batman And His Grandmother
Frank Gorshin - The Riddler
The Sensational Batboys - Batman
Burt Ward (With Frank Zappa) - Boy Wonder I Love You
The Brothers Four - Ratman And Bobin In The Clipper Caper
Neal Hefti - Batman
Peggy Lee - That Man
The Standells - Batman
Adam West - Batman And Robin
Wesley Willis - I Wupped Batman's Ass
Invisible Burgandy Bullfrog - Batman Rides Again
The Who - Batman
Burgess Meredith - The Escape
Blowfly - Batman
Laverne Baker - Batman To The Rescue
Adam West - The Story Of Batman

April 9, 2001

Affifi - Hi
Gene Marshall - Scat Car Scat
The Toads - Backaruda
Alec Wilder - Peter Percussion
Bubble Up - Bubble Up
Connie Francis - He's Just A Scientist
Kyu Sakamoto - Good Timing
Trailer - Shantytown Honeymoon
Renanah - Get Behind Me Satan
Sister Gertrude Morgan - Let Us Make A Record
Bill Joy - Livin' In Sin
Trailer - Lola
Bubble Up - Bubble Up
Christoper Recordings - Problems Of Growing Boys
Jacques Brel Is Alive And Living In Paris - Next
Janeen Brady - Daddy, Aren't You Glad
American Girls - American Girls
Girls With Attitude - Don't Judge Me
Bill Cosby - I Know I Can Handle It
Trailer - Chrome And Hot Leather
Dick Clark - The Wasting Of Wesley Joe Grim
Irene Trudel - God Only Knows
Juniors Of Canarsie High School - Dotty's Dilemma
The Merry Macs - Well! Well! Well!
Death By Chocolate - Mustard Yellow/Magpie
Bubble Up - Bubble Up
Christopher Scott - What's New Pussycat
Jonathan And Darlene Edwards - Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Wolfgang News - Moritatensanger (Mack The Knife)
Ray Conniff And The Singers - Spinning Wheel
Alyne Meshad, The Down's Syndrome Singer - Love Me Tender
Rodney Allen Rippy - Take Life A Little Easier
Bubble Up - Bubble Up
Bing Crosby And Bob Hope - Road To Morocco
Charles Raymond Singers - Groovy Baby
Slough Boys - Fried Chicken Baby
Juniors Of Canarsie High School - Over The Rainbow
Juniors Of Canarsie High School - Alta Mater
Franklyn Maccormack - The Day Is Done

April 2, 2001

The Spike And Stan Show

Spike Jones - Clink, Clink, Another Drink
Spike Jones - Neve Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel
Spike Jones - People Will Say We're In Love
Spike Jones - And The Great Big Saw Came Nearer And Nearer
Spike Jones - Black Bottom
Spike Jones - Hawaiian War Chant
Spike Jones - The Glow Worm
Spike Jones - The Jones Laughing Record
Spike Jones - William Tell Overture
Spike Jones - None But The Lonely Heart (A Soaperetta)
Stan Freberg - John & Marsha
Stan Freberg - St. George And The Dragonet
Stan Freberg - Sh-Boom
Stan Freberg - Banana Boat (Day-O)
Stan Freberg - Green Christmas
Stan Freberg - The Old Payola Roll Blues (Parts 1 & 2)
Stan Freberg - Stretching The Imagination
Stan Freberg - The 1966 Chun King
Stan Freberg - Stephen Foster, Beloved Songwriter
Stan Freberg - The Conspiraski Theory

March 26, 2001

Venango Christian High School Chorus - Cherish
Judson Powell, Balladeer - The Gay Musician
Trailer - The Hillybilly Hooker
Mrs. Miller - Mary Jane
Al Shapiro - Nuts
Mystic Zephyrs 4 - Youthquake
Casey Kasem - Outtakes
Big Fresh - Sexual, Kentucky
Casey Kasem - Introduction / Aries
The Ventures - Out Of Limits
Negativland - Long Distance Dedication
Vivian Stanshall - The Young Ones
Trailer - French Pussycat
Eileen - Cette Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
Leona Anderson - I Love Paris
Trailer - Mistress Of The Apes
Blowfly - It's Not Unusual
Telly Savalas - Who Loves Ya Baby
Stanley Myers - Kaleidoscope
Trailer - Lifeguard
Big Daddy - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
John Wayne - The Good Things
Paul Marco As Kenton The Cop - Home On The Strange
Sheldon Allman - Big Brother
Trailer - Hard Women
The Kids Of Widney High - Mirror, Mirror
Blowfly - Something
Trailer - Italian Stallion
Arling & Cameron - Hashi
R. Stevie Moore And Krystyna Olsiewicz - Rose Garden
Norman Luboff Choir - As I Walk Through The Valley
Trailer - Witchcraft 70
Frank Perry And The Big Action Sound - Golden Butterfly
Joe Frazier - My Way
Chuck Barris - Too Rich
Trailer - The Naughty Cheerleader
3 Peas In A Pod - If I Ruled The World
Club Nisel Orchestra - Tokyo Boogie
Raymond Scott - Celebration On The Planet Mars
Edie Adams And Ernie Kovacs - Indian Love Call
The Happy Balloon - Love Has A Way
The Legendary Criswell - Someone Walked Over My Grave

March 19, 2001

Secret Agents and Spies

Leroy Holmes - The James Bond Theme
Weird Al Yankovic - Spy Hard
Hugo Montenegro - Secret Agent Man
Stan Freberg - Goldnoodle
Roland Shaw And His Orchestra - Goldfinger
Lulu - The Man With The Golden Gun
The Laurie Johnson Orchestra - The Avengers
John Barry - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Combustible Edison - Spy Vs. Spy
The Man Called Flintstone - Spy Type Guy
Stan Freberg - Goldnoodle
Ferrante & Teicher - The James Bond Theme
Billy May - Mission Impossible
Nancy Sinatra - The Last Of The Secret Agents
Xavier Cugat - Thunderball
Elliott Fisher - Theme From Our Man Flint
Jean Jacques Perrey - Mister James Bond
The Man Called Flintstone - Theme Song (Vocal Version)
Hugo Montenegro - (Theme From) The Man From Uncle
Earle Hagen - I Spy
Vicki Carr - The Silencers
Henry Mancini - Fallout!
Ray Conniff - Live And Let Die
Roland Shaw And His Orchestra - Diamonds Are Forever
John Barry - To Hell With Blofeld
George Martin - Sacrifice
The Secret Squirrel Show - Main Title Theme

March 12, 2001

Kukla, Fran And Ollie - Theme Song
The Bran Flakes - Smith Corona 10-Day Touch Typing Course
Ralph & The Lovelets - Typewriter Rock
Willard Cantelon - Lsd (Battle For The Mind)
The Melody Makers - Enchantment
Sheldon Allman - Space Opera
Perrey & Kingsley - Spooks In Space
Dick Hyman And Mary Mayo - Bye, Bye Blues
Marty Manning And His Orchestra - Night On Bald Mountain
Pat Boone - Crazy Train
Harvey Sid Fischer - Pisces
Dick Clark - Open Letter To The Older Generation
Tony Randall - If You Take Care Of Your Body
Twentieth Century Oz - Radio Commercial
R. Stevie Moore - Explanation Of An Artist/Goodbye Piano
Richard Dawson - Apples And Oranges
Wild Man Fischer - Intro/Outside The Hospital
The Kids Of Widney High - Mayra
Pat Campbell - The Deal
Wolfman Jack - Let Me Belong To You
Jack Webb - Try A Little Tenderness
C De Constancia - El Futuro
France Gall - Ne Sois Pas Si Bete
Bel Divioleta - Un Garcon Et Une Fille
Gert Wilden - Moulinex
Death By Chocolate - Who Needs Wings To Fly?
R. Stevie Moore - I Wish I Could Sing
Ray Conniff - Friendly Persuasion
Dick Clark - The Fable Of Fun County
Richard Harris - That's The Way It Is
Big Mess Orchestra - More Than A Feeling
Magoo In Hi Fi

March 5, 2001

Dynamic Percussive Adventures In Stereophonic Sound

Audio Fidelity - Demonstration #1
The Ray Charles Singers - I'm Over Here
Jack De Manio & Elizabeth Knight - Left-Right Channel Identification
Mike Simpson & Orchestra - Say Si Si (Cha Cha Cha)
Guitars Unlimited - Puppet On A String
Audio Fidelity - Demonstration #2
Ferrante & Teicher - Chopsticks Cha-Cha
Les Baxter - Reverberasia
Esquivel - Bye Bye Blues
Audio Fidelity - Demonstration #3
Terry Snyder - Puttin' On The Ritz
Enoch Light & His Orchestra - Caravan
Marty Gold Orchestra - You're The Top
Audio Fidelity - Demonstration #4
Mel Henke - Me And My Shadow
Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra - El Cumbanchero
Caesar Giovannini - A Minor Boogie
Congo Percussion - Asiwanda
Jim Tyler & Orchestra - Pin Point Percussion
Stereo Review - Stereo Spread And Speaker Placement
Harry Breuer - Minute Merengue
International Pop Stars - Lover
Richard Marino - Rots-O-Ruck
Martin Denny - The Girlfriend Of A Whirling Dervish
Stereo Review - Left-To-Right Seperation
Arthur Lyman - Bamboo Tamboo
The Markko Polo Adventurers - Nagasaki
David Carroll & Orchestra - Hell's Bells
Soft And Easy In Percussion - Jungle Drums
Xavier Cugat & Orchestra - Mama Inez
Kaino & His Afro-Percussion Group - Wild River
Audio Fidelity - Demonstration #5
The Three Suns - Delicado
Grand Award All-Stars - Organ Grinder's Swing
Mike Di Napoli And Trio - Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
Lafayette Radio Hi-Fi Test Record - Silent Grooves

February 26, 2001

Rose Hill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble - I Can't Turn You Loose
The Talent Show - Introduction/Around The World
Paula Brown - Farm Hollers
Forbidden Five - Enchanted Farm
Peter Pan Players - Goon River
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Yma Sumac - Chicken Talk
Wild Man Fischer and Rosemary Clooney - It's a Hard Business
Robomusic.com - MP3 Killed The Media Star
The Talent Show - Girl of my Dreams
The Del Rubio Triplets - Y.M.C.A.
Mrs. Miller - Let's Hang On
The Electric Company - An "UN" Song
Petula Clark - Downtown (German Version)
France Gall - Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son
Christian Bruhn - Strahler 70
The Talent Show - Drum Solo
Robomusic.com - Bush
Raymond Scott - Limbo: The Organized Mind
Betty Hutton - It's Oh So Quiet
Benny Hill - Ernie
David Arvedon - Anyway There Ain't No Telephones In The Zoo
Wild Man Fischer - Sparkling Diamonds
Lucia Pamela - In The Year 2000!!!
H.H. Oliver - Distress Holler Song/Getting Up Holler/How Dry I Am
NBC - Production Number (outtake)
The Zanies - The Mad Scientist
The Beach Boys - Let's Go Away For Awhile
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Crystal Illusions
Elmer Bernstein - I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (#5)
101 Strings - Karma Sitar
Cyrkie - Turn Down Day
Gert Wilden - Madame und ihre Nichte (Dirty Dancing)
Jack Webb - You'd Never Know The Old Place Now
The Talent Show - God Bless America

February 19, 2001

A Children's Pop Extravaganza

The ABC Afterschool Special - Opening Theme
Mother Goose Introduction
Fairyland Choo-Choo
The Banana Splits - We're The Banana Splits
The New Zoo Revue - In The Arts
Disney's Nature Guide - Little Ranger Nature Camp
Bryan Gore - Itsy Bitsy Spider
The Chipmunks - Alvin's All Star Chipmunk Band
The Electric Company - Sign Song
Romper Room - Do Bee Song (Part 1)
Bob Brush - When You Were a Baby
Bill Harley - What's The Matter With You?
Sesame Street - Would You Like To Buy An "O"?
Tiny Tim - The Chicken Dance
Auntie Poo and the Porta Potties - Come Out Just Fine
Barry Louis Polisar - I Eat Kids
Jim Copp & Ed Brown - The House on Thimble Street
Mister Rogers - Troll Talk
Schoolhouse Rock - Figure Eight
Unknown - Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree
H.R. Pufnstuf - Theme Song
Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson - Upside Down
Jim Copp & Ed Brown - Kate Higgins
The Electric Company - Punctuation
Schoolhouse Rock - My Hero Zero
Peter Pan Players - Little White Duck
Sparky's Magic Baton
Romper Room - Do Bee Song (Part 2)
Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson - Funky Little Song
Space Ghost - Main Theme Title
The Hanky Pank Players - Rumpelstiltskin
Mother Goose with a Beatle Beat - Old King Cole
Sam Ulano - The Three Little Bears
Ellis and Lynch - Finger Power
Rex Allen and Janice Klein - Why Daddy?
Frank Sinatra - Old MacDonald
Mike Douglas - Kids
Arthur Godfrey - What is a Boy?
Edgar Allen Pooh - Storytime
Charlie Rich - I Feel Love (Theme to "Benji")

February 12, 2001

Valentine's Day Special

The Shangri-Las - Give Him a Great Big Kiss
Pete Drake - Ain't She Sweet
Gloria Wood - Oh Honey
Kirby Stone - 4 I Love You
Rod McKuen - What Love Means
Telly Savalas - Rubber Bands and Bits of String
Paul Henry - Benny's Song
Mary Lee Fair - Our Love
Jack Mudurian - I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)
Bryan Gore - Everybody Wants To Be In Love
7th Day Adventists - Valentine's Day PSA
Mel Henke - You're Driving Me Crazy
Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back
Merle Kilgore - Lover's Hell
Jack Mudurian - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
Throwing Toasters - Debbie
Bryan Gore - Domestic Abuse
Peter Wyngarde - It's When I Touch You
Julie London - Come On-a My House
Franklyn McCormack - Easy Come, Easy Go Lover
Shooby Taylor - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
Scatman Crothers and Alvino Rey - Do You Love Me
Little Marcy - Love Is a Simple Thing
Ruby Wright - Billy Broke My Heart at Walgreens
Helen Gurley Brown - How To Love Your Wife and Nobody Else
Teri "Cupcakes" Mason - Makin' Whoopee
Gordon Thomas - It's So Nice Of You
Don Bauer - My Love Song To You
Ted Rodgers - L'Amour
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Going Out of My Head
Viva Maria - Love Me!
Margo Guryan - Love
Les Baxter - Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

February 5, 2001

The Beatles Covered

Rev. Jimmy Swaggart - Introduction
Lord Sitar - I Am The Walrus
Barney Gumble Speaks!
Don Bowman - The Other Ringo
The Templeton Twins & Teddy Turner's Bunsen Burners - Yesterday
Peter Sellers - Can't Buy Me Love
Big Daddy - She's Leaving Home
Chinese Band - I Saw Her Standing There
Bugs & Friends - It Won't Be Long
Snoopy's Beatle Classics - She Loves You
Allan Sherman - I Hate The Beatles
The Red Skelton Hour - Pearly Buttons (Production Number)
Weird Al Yankovic - Pacman
Mrs. Miller - A Hard Day's Night
Sam Chaplin - Michelle
Tiny Tim - Nowhere Man (Live at Royal Albert Hall, 10/30/68)
Don Sebesky - Lady Madonna
Doodles Weaver - Eleanor Rigby
Alan Copeland - Mission Impossible/Norwegian Wood
Sesame Street - Letter B
Gary Strivent - Something
The Carpenters - Help!
Beatles Forever ABC TV Special (1977)
Daniel Johnston - The Beatles
Laibach - Across The Universe
The Residents - Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life/Flying
The Rutles - Doubleback Alley
Tony Randall - Bids Us Farewell

January 29, 2001

Peter Wyngarde - Come In/You Wonder How These Things Began
Daniel Johnston - Love Defined/Museum Of Love
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The L.S. Bumble Bee
The Bugaloos - Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna
The Shaggs - You're Something Special To Me
GE's Got To Investigate Silicones - We've Got a Story To Tell
Janeen Brady - You Can Be Anything
Florence Henderson - Tips for Safe Family Driving
John Rydgren - The Lord Is My Shepard
Bryan Gore (Papaw & Me) - Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
Don Ho - Hawaii Five-O / Quiet Village
GE's Got To Investigate Silicones - Answers
Johnny Teupen - Minikillers
National Lampoon - The Lone Ranger On Masks
The Molestics - The Pleasures of Drunk Driving
The Del Rubio Triplets - Walk Like an Egyptian
Homer Denison Jr. - Chickie Run
Joe Meek - Telstar (Rough Demo)
The Electric Prunes - Wah Wah Pedel Ad
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Bedazzled
Opie & Anthony - Star Trek Rhapsody
Daniel Johnston - Casper The Friendly Ghost
Bryan Gore (Papaw & Me) - When Our Lord Shall Come Again
National Lampoon - No Eyes, Blind Detective & His Seeing-Eye Duck
The Bugaloos - The Senses of our World
Death By Chocolate - If You Want To Sing Sing Out
Paul "Super Apple" Moralia - Apple Love
Chuck Wells - Down and Out
Peter Wyngarde - Neville Thumbcatch

January 22, 2001

Here Comes Jesus!

Up With People - A New Dimension
Youth For Christ International - A Teen Talks
Ralph Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser - We're On Our Way/Outasite
Ronald K. Wells and The Youth Choir - The Entrance
Ronald K. Wells and The Youth Choir - God Is Dead/If God Is Dead
David Epley's Sound Of Joy - Life
Norman Habel and Robert Edwin - Mike/Christ Is Changing Everything
Lex De Azevedo and The Continental Singers - It's Getting Late
Lalo Schifrin with The Mike Curb Congregation - Introit
Ralph Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser - The Sequence Of Events
Pastor John Rydgren - Hippy Version Of The 23rd Psalm
The Braemar Baptist Church - I'm A Rebel
His Kids - What's God Like?
Daniel and The Lion's Den - Looking For God
Lalo Schifrin with The Mike Curb Congregation - Offeratory Verse
Ralph Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser - Natural High
The Liberty Sounds - Day After Day
The Armageddon Experience - People In Motion
Buryl Red and Grace Hawthorne - Know When To Say No
Up With People - Morning Of Time
His Kids - I Can See God/God Doesn't See Us Through The Flowers
The Armageddon Experience - One Way
Pastor John Rydgren - The Lord Is My Shepard

January 15, 2001

The Happy Crickets - The Puppet Song
The Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band - Honky Tonk Women
Mervin Fried - The Helen Polka
Frank Sinatra - Mama Will Bark
Barbara Streisand - Sweet Zoo
Mike Douglas - The Men In My Little Girls Life
Miss Tammy Faye Starlite - God Has Lodged a Tenent In My Uterus
Granpa Joe - The Druken Driver
Johnny Paycheck - (Pardon Me) I've Got Someone To Kill
Country Road - Phantom 309
Cal Veale - Paralyzed
Les Maledictus Sound - Stupidly Made In Gaulle
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Bounce Back
The Residents - Loneliness
Keith Sargent - What's In a Mind?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Get a Move On
Ian Whitcomb - Farmyard Caberet
Ella Jenkins - I Saw
Death By Chocolate - The L.S. Bumble Bee
The Residents - La La
Shangri-Las - Past, Present and Future
The Shaggs - Yesterday Once More
Bonnie Prudden - Wait Till You See Her
Ray Conniff and the Singers - Don't Sleep In The Subway
Piero Piccioni - Breve Amore
Ennio Morricone - Alla Serenita
C.J. Schiiuble and H. Jankowski - Aus Dem Titel "Memories"
Klaus Wisthoff - Polycolor
L. Ron Hubbard - Thank You For Listening

January 8, 2001


R.A. Moog Demonstration Record
Joe Renzetti and Tony Luisi - Pinball Wizard
Electronic Concept Orchestra - Mah-Na' Mah-Na'
Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn
Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet - Hey Hey
Dick Hyman - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
Fred Wesley & The JB's - Blow Your Head
Enoch Light - Scarborough Fair
Jean Jacques Perrey - E.V.A.
Don Sebesky - Martian Storm
Fred Weinberg - Muckde Foog
Gil Trythall - Folsom Prison Blues
Harry Bruer & Jean Jacques Perrey - March Of The Martians
Marty Gold - Eleanor Rigby
Hot Butter - Apache
Martin Denny - Quiet Village
The 18th Century Concepts - I Got Rhythm
Sounds Galactic - Spinning Wheel
Beaver & Krause - White Sound Composition
Richard Hayman - Dansero
Christopher Scott - Walk On By
Sid Bass - Spanish Flea
Walter Carlos - What's New Pussycat?
Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson - Blue Poppy
Mort Garson & Jacques Wilson - I've Been Over The Rainbow
Ralph Carmichael - The New Hallelujah

January 1, 2001

Bert Tenzer - A New Life For Everyone Inside The Outer Shape
Lovelady Powell - An Expurgated #!?*%
T. Valentine - Hello Lucille Are You A Lesbian?
Land Of The Lost - Theme Song
Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri II
Urbie Green - The Green Bee
DDT & The Repellents - Fly Swatter
Sam Sachs - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Jim Backus - Cave Man
Buzz Clifford - Baby Sittin' Boogie
Helen Gurley Brown - How To Talk To A Man In Bed
Max Meier-Maletz - Swinging Nordwest
Shangri-Las - Radio Spots 1965
Kyu Sakamoto - Goodbye, Joe
John "Bowie" Barstow - Theme from "The Greatest American Hero"
Terry Burnside - Repertoire Medley
Oscar Peterson Trio with Clark Terry - Incoherent Blues
Jack Ross - Mumbles
T. Valentine - Betty Sue
Vic Mizzy - The Addams Family Main Theme (vocal version)
Marty Manning and his Orchestra - The Twilight Zone
Creed Taylor Orchestra - The Secret
Joe Meek & The Blue Men - Dribcots Space Boat
Eden Ahbez - The Old Boat
Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo - Stella By Starlight
Music For Sensuous Lovers by "Z" - Climax Two