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December 18, 2009

Junk Culture - That's Not Me [West Coast]
The Coconut Monkeyrocket - Destination Goo [With Birds]
Teegarden And Van Winkle - Audience Introduction [Teegarden & Van Winkle]
The 18th Century Corporation - Wishin' and Hopin' [Bacharach Baroque]
Popchor Berlin - How Soon Is Now [Popchor Berlin]
Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Sexy Boy [Respire]
Benjamin Biolay - L'égoïste [Clara et moi] soundtrack
Youth for Christ International - A Teen Talks
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Le chat du café des artistes [IRM]
Jean Pierre Ferland - God is an American [Jaune]
Bertrand Burgalat - Anonyme Amour [Chéri B.B.]
Xanadu - Come To Xanadu [Xanadu Radio Advertisements]
Oh Astro - Xanadu [Champions of Wonder]
Circulatory System - The Pelican Trust [Signal Morning]
The Calico Wall - Beep [7"]
Plaza Musique - Fleur de pluie [Accent]
Genevieve et Matthieu - Pieuvres [Rouge-gorge]
Jan Turkenburg - In My Spaceship [Interplanetary Materials]
Peter Parrish - Buttercups and Daisies [Directions]
The Barry Gemso Experience - Buttercup Business [Ski Lodge Serenade]
John, Tod, and Tom - In the Tunnel [Remote Recordings]
Las Escarlatinas - El Diván [A todo color]
Daniel Johnston - Mind Movies [Is And Always Was]
Le Système Crapoutchik - Au clair de lune ou dans l'ombre de l'autre [Flop]
J.D. Mack - Police (Microphone Recording)
The Yung & Moore Show - Theme 1 [Yung & Moore Versus The Whole Goddam Stinkin' World]
R. Stevie Moore - Q&A with R. Stevie Moore at LimeWire Store HQ
R. Stevie Moore - Jump Out In Front of a Car [CLACK!]
The Evolution Control Committee - The Christmas Wrong [Plagiarythm Nation]
Wayne Butane - A Very Special Wayne Butane Christmas [3" CD Single]
RIAA - Holiday Inn: Cambodia [Sounds For The Sun-Set]
The Going Thing - Tijuana Taxi [1969]
Shooby Taylor - Indiana
Absolute Albert - Noises [7"]
Tom Merriman and The TM Symphony Orchestra - Tomorrow Media [Tomorrow Media]
National Lampoon - Down The Dial To: Kung Fu Christmas [Good-Bye Pop]
Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Back In Black [Instrumentals Volume 3]
The Evolution Control Committee - Racked by Rope [7"]
Library Science - Barbaro [Dolphin]
Shaftman - Various Spoken Parts [Shaftman!]
Ween - Big Fat Fuck [Shinola Vol. 1]
The MFB Mix - Light My Fire [Ultimate British Breaks and Beats]
Bob Summers & Mike Curb - The Gay Teenager [Teenage Rebellion] soundtrack
RIAA - Red Hot 110 Degrees [Sounds For The Sun-Set]
Jam Productions - Another Comment [7"]
Camillo Felgen - Irgendwann erwacht ein neuer Tag [7"]
Optiganally Yours - Mr. Wilson [Spotlight On...]
Big Fresh - Introduce Ourselves [Yes, Nice, Please, Thanks]
R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink - Closing Credits (Kurts Leg) [Tell-All Bombshell: Not Anymore True Blood]
Bellport High School Jazz-Rock Ensemble - The End [Bellport High School Jazz-Rock Ensemble Volume 1]

December 11, 2009

7" singles

Le 25e Regiment - Venus [Revolution]
After Tea - Not Just A Flower In Your Hair [Decca]
Alane - Taille 42 [Disc AZ]
Anagram Jam (April Phibia & The Rule-Her) - Jar Jee Jar Jaa [Finders Keepers]
Anarchic System - Popcorn (vocal) [Disc AZ]
Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man [Vogue]
Les Anges - Les Anges [Pathe Marconi]
Antoine - Je n'ai jamais pu défaire ma ceinture de sécurite [Vogue]
Marc Aryan - Liberte [Disques Markal]
Mitchell Ayres & Bob Hahn - Number 7 Theme [No. 7 Cigarettes - Product Music - No Label]
B.T. Express - Express Disco Mix [Roadshow]
The Balloon Farm - A Question Of Tempature [Laurie]
Minouche Barelli - Boum Badaboum [Columbia]
The Baronet (Bernard Estardy) - Crocodile Dance [Disques Fleche]
Ricet-Barrier - La fille au marché [Barclay]
Bazooka - Dada Dodo (version instrumentale) [Polydor]
Les Beatlettes - Reste encore [Jeunesse Franco]
Big City Orchestra - Grass (by Big Xity Marketstraw) [Sick Muse]
Enzo Bontempi - Italian Spiderman Theme [Soulful Torino]
Bourvil et Jacqueline Maillan - Pauvre Lola [Pathe Marconi]
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - Out & About [A&M]
Andre Brasseur - Early Bird Satellite [Kapp]
Walter Brennan - The Epic Ride of John H. Glenn [Liberty]
Inghe Brück - Il ya du bleu... (Matthew & Son) [Philips]
Wayne Butane - Dead Monkey Arcade [Eerie Materials]
By Cracky! - The By Cracky Beat [Lowney's - Product Music - No Label]
Edd Byrnes - Kookie's Mad Pad [Warner Bros]
Paul Cardinal - Poisson [London]
Bernard Chabert - Il part en Californie [Pathe Marconi/Columbia]
The Cristal Methodists - The Good, The Bad, and the A&R Man [Goy Division]
Clothilde - Saperlipopette [Vogue]
Cocteau Twins - Rilkean Heart [Fontana/Mercury]
Les Costa - Ce soir je veux rester chez moi [Serie Gemini]
Criswell - Someone Walked Over My Grave [Dionysus]
Jimmy Cross - I Want My Baby Back [Wanted]
F.R. David - Les Rubis [Polydor]
The Delta Rhythm Section - King Midnite [Mocambo]
The Evolution Control Committee - Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream Mix) [Eerie Material]
Funkadelic - Chant (Think It Ain't Illegal Yet) [Warner Bros]
France Gall - Zozoi [Jazzman]
Leif Garrett - Welcome Message [Promotional - Leif Garrett Fan Club]
The Gaslamp Killer vs Finders Keepers - Finders Keepers Megamix [Finders Keepers]
Richard Gotainer - Poil au tableau [Philips]
Noel Harrison - A Young Girl [London]
Jerry - Rire "À Gorge Deployée [Rusticana]
Johnny Jones & The King Casuals - Purple Haze [Ninja Tune]
Les Kangourous - Nous sommes les Kangourous [Elite]
Victor Lundburg - An Open Letter To My Teenage Son [Liberty]
Franklyn MacCormack - The Day is Done [Decca]
Lee Marvin - Wand'rin Star [Paramount]
R. Stevie Moore - Goodbye Piano [H.P. Music]
Negativland - Greatest Taste Around [Eerie Materials]
Parakeet Training Record - Side 1 [Hartz Mountain]
Korla Pandit - Brazilian Baion [Fantasy]
Rita Pavone - My Name is Potato [RCA]
Michel Polnareff - Dans la maison vide [Disc AZ]
Gerard Stern - La mauvaise pente [Vogue]
Triste Janero - In the Garden [Jazzman]
Mark Tucker & "Beach" - Kotzebue [Tetrapod Spools]
Chris and the Alphabeats - Exit [Sesame Street]
Jean-Claude Vannier - L'Enfant la mouche [Finders Keepers]

December 4, 2009

Penelope - Black Stripes [Benefit of the Doubt]
Seksu Roba - Bad Girls Go To Hell [Unreleased] advance promo copy
DJ Felix - Exp 4 Fluit Add [Unreleased] advance promo copy
R. Stevie Moore - Coo Coo Rockin Time [Coo Coo Rockin Time]
Elli & Jacno - Main dans la main [12"]
The Better Beatles - Penny Lane [Mercy Beat]
Guy Lemaire - Get Up and Boogie [Point d'orgue disco]
B.B. Gabor - Soviet Jewellery [B.B. Gabor]
The Go! Team - Flashlight Fight (featuring Chuck D) [Proof of Youth]
Gary Cole and his G.T. Hobo's - Baa Laughter [Anagram Jam] compilation
Ananda Shankar - Dancing Drums [Sitar Beat Vol. 2]
Dekha Abto - I Want To Hold Your Hand (from the film "Janwar") [I Hate The Beatles Even More Vol. 2]
Art Linkletter - We Love You, Call Collect [We Love You, Call Collect]
Charlie Rich - Benji's Theme, I Feel Love [Benji] soundtrack
Pop Concerto - Pop Concerto [Pop Concerto]
Yma Sumac - El Condor Pasa [Miracles]
Jean Pierre Ferland - Le chat du cafe des artistes [Jaune]
Leda Annest with Orchestra conducted by Phil Moore - Part II [Portrait of Leda]
Dennis Farnon and Orch with Jim Backus and Daws Butler - Magoo in Hi-Fi [Magoo in Hi-Fi]
The LSJUMB - Squeeze Box [The Incomparables]
Jokers Yilde and Dycie Bryan - Talent Show Introduction [Trojans All The Way Live]
The Marimba Band of Fairfax High School - Popcorn [Vol. IV]
Mark Savage - Do You Think I'm Sexy [Trojans All The Way Live]
Night Moves - Base du modele des pieds [Night Moves]
Blowfly - Convoy [Rappin', Dancin', and Laughin']
Beside - Change The Beat [12"]
The Art of Noise - Beat Box [Into Battle with The Art of Noise]
Double Dee & Steinski - Sugar Hill Suite [The Ultimate Lessons 2] compilation
DJ Food - All Covered In Darkness Pt. 1 [One Man's Weird is Another Man's World]
R. Stevie Moore - Studio Animals/Jesus Rocks [1952-19??]
The Chrysanthemums - The Holocaust Parade [Is That A Fish On Your Shoulder Or Are You Just Pleased To See Me?]
Casey Kasem - Sagittarius [Astrology For Young Lovers]
Signs of the Zodiac - In Love, Sagittarius? [Signs of the Zodiac]
Les Georges Leningrad - Ma Rebboh [Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou]
The Residents - Rhapsody In Blue [American Composer Series - Volume 1 - George & James]
Moe Koffman - Overture to Spring (Allegro) [The Four Seasons]
The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde - Peter and the Wolf [The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde]
Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps - Fox and Raven [Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps] compilation
William S. Walker - Pulse of a Printing Plant [Impressions in Color]
Master Wilburn Burchette - Godhead [Music of the Godhead]
Dominic Frontiere - Hammersmith is Out [Hammersmith is Out] soundtrack

November 27, 2009

Le Système Crapoutchik - Aussi loin que je me souvienne [Flop]
Jeanne Moreau - Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves [Querelle] soundtrack
Mellow - Absolutely Free [Dragonfly/GQ] soundtrack
Roy Budd - Hallucinations [Get Carter] soundtrack
EPTA - Bye Bye Brighton [7"]
Ovila B. Blais - Carre St-Louis In [7"]
Tito Schipa Jr. - Invito [Orfeo 9] soundtrack
Stef Meeder Grand Hammond Melody - A Dedicated Follower of Fashion [28 Partyknuller zum tanzen 2] compilation
Al Shapiro - Nuts [Looney Tunes Volume 1] compilation
Movie Trailer - Mistress of the Apes
Scholastic - Who's Afraid? [How Do I Learn?]
Chromalox - The Eight Seasons, Music and Dialogue (excerpt) [The Eight Seasons of Chromalox, Electric Comfort Conditioning]
Tony Mottola with The Ray Charles Singers - "Sredni Vashtar" Suite [Danger] soundtrack
Norman Habel - Michelle [For Mature Adults Only]
Shadow Morton - Dressed In Black [The Red Bird Story Vol. 2] compilation
Alexander Faem - Mogadisco [Agent 238]
Bertrand Burgalat - Ripples [Portrait-Robot]
Les Amis Au Pakistan - Le fleur de ma journée [Cosmetic Cosmic]
Popchor Berlin - Mongoloid (Acapella) / Mongoloid [Popchor Berlin]
Messer Chups - Diabolik Boogie [Crazy Price]
Saskrotch - Tetris/Legend of Zelda/Donkey Kong 2/The Legend of Zelda [Nintendo Breakz Volume One]
Gymnastikmit Brigitte - Wake Up In The Morning [Damit Sie schöner, schlanker und beweglicher werden]
Sha-Na-Na - Don't Shoot Up (Public Service Announcement) [Get Off] compilation
The Pointer Sisters (DJ Food Re-Edit - Extension by Strictly Kev) - Pinball Number Count [Solid Steel presents Sesame Street]
Jerry - Rire "a gorge deployée" [7"]
Stig Hallen - Hoj mina oron [Musik For Finsmakare Volume 3] compilation
Prima Vera - Den sinte festus [Absolute Prima Vera]
National Institute Of Mental Health - Anti Drug PSA [Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Volume 8] compilation
Marcos Valle - Suite Imaginaria [Marcos Valle]
Guy Godin - La vie en elle [La vie en elle]
Vos Voisins avec Louise Forestier - Le 3/4 de l'archeveque [Vos Voisins]
L'Astrosexualogie - Deuxieme Partie (Lion - Narration: Normand Frechette) [L'Astrosexualogie]
Le Système Crapoutchik - Premier amour [Aussi loin que je me souvienne]
Pop Classic Workshop - L.S.D. [28 Partyknuller zum tanzen 2] compilation
Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill - Epitaph [Angel, Angel, Down We Go] soundtrack
Catharsis - Masq [Volume 1 "MASQ"]
Merit Hemmingson - Visa Från Medelpad [Trollskog]
Mike Nichols & Elaine May - A Little More Gauze [Examine Doctors]
Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill - Free Fall [Angel, Angel, Down We Go] soundtrack
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Arkansas Coal (Suite) [Nancy & Lee Again]
Pic-Nic - El es distinto a ti [7"]
Simon Park - Oh, You Pretty Things [Venus Fly Trap]
Moody - Across The Universe [The Gentle Rain]
Betty Everett - 1900 Yesterday [7"]
Movie Trailer - The Woman Hunt
Traffic Safety Tip - Terrible as a Corpse PSA [See The U.S.A. With Some Cool P.S.A's] compilation
Peter Wyngarde - Come In [When Sex Leers its Inquisitive Head]
Phil Moore - Fantasy for Girl and Orchestra [Fantasy for Girl and Orchestra]
Franklyn MacCormack with Wayne King - I Have Forgotton You [7"]
Patof - Patof Blue [Patof en Russie]
Tito Schipa Jr. - Venditore di Felicità (reprise) [Orfeo 9] soundtrack

November 19, 2009

Time Chick - At The Chime The Time Will Be [Midnight To Noon, Afternoon!]
The Creed Taylor Orchestra - Time Runs Out [Shock Music in Hi-Fi]
Sounds of Salvation - Montage and Because My Mouth [Sounds of Salvation]
Tito Schipa Jr. - Venditore di Felicità [Orfeo 9] soundtrack
Sing-Out Asia - Isn't There Something [Sing-Out Asia]
RIAA - Babar's Tusk [Reality Is An Accident]
Corporal Blossom - White Christmas [A Mutated Christmas]
Dean Elliot [with Jack Wagner] - Interview/You're The Top/They Didn't Believe Me [Promo Silver Platter Service, January 1963] compilation
Stereos and Such - Parody Radio Spot [Teen Gear #2] compilation
Derrick Hannibal - Feeling Old Feelings [Demo]
Antoine - Popcorn [7"]
Anarchic System - Popcorn (Vocal) [7"]
Arp - Arp 2600 Demonstration Record Pt. 1 [You and Your Instrument]
Dimension 70 - Dimension 70 [Motorola Sounds of Dimension 70]
Arp - Arp 2600 Demonstration Record Pt. 2 [You and Your Instrument]
Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - Marrakesh Express [Permissive Polyphonics]
Arp - Arp 2600 Demonstration Record Pt. 3 [You and Your Instrument]
The Delta Merchant - What'd I Say [Switched on Blues]
Bert Tenzer - For Men Only, The Robots That Will Substitute For Women [Caloric Cooking Range]
Plaza Musique - Campo di battaglia [Accent]
Bertrand Burgalat - Another World Gone By [Portrait-Robot]
Purple Submarine Orchestra - Le football moderne [Acapulco]
Daily Planet - Vacaciones en Roma [Apertivo] compilation
Les Georges Leningrad - Sabacthani [Sangue Puro]
Der Plan - Woodway of Love [Live at the Tiki Ballroom of the Senior Maoris Recreation Center in Maketu, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand]
Barry Mann and Cynthia Well - Party Sequence [Angel, Angel, Down We Go] soundtrack
Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman - Prologue/Destination Space [Destination Space]
R. Stevie Moore - Teen Routines [CLACK!]
Pas Chic Chic - Et en vogue [Au Contraire]
+ IDs from Dana Countryman, Der Plan, Fortyone, Naomi Hall, Les Georges Leningrad, The Lounge King, R. Stevie Moore, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Plaza Musique, and the RIAA.

November 12, 2009

Alain Goraguer - Sur Un Arbre Perché (main theme) [Champaign A Go-Go Vol. 1] compilation/soundtrack
Jacques Loew - L'homme, sommet de la création (film 1) (excerpt) [Homme qui es-tu?]
Arthur Verocai - Caboclo [Arthur Verocai]
Lalo Schifrin with The Mike Curb Congregation - Offertory Verse/Introit [Rock Requiem]
B.J. Ward - Vocalise [Vocal Ease]
Jan Turkenburg - A Supernatural Space Being (being bored on a sunday afternoon) [A Fifth of Splogman]
Rosario Bléfari - Campanas [Cara]
Os Fantasmas - Uma Gelada [7"]
The Dragons - Cosmosis [B F I]
André Lutereau - Depart de nuit [Andre Lutereau Travelling Orchestra Vol. 6] library music
Egberto Gismonti - Computador [Egberto Gismonti]
Luiz Eça - Pais Tropical [Brazil 70]
Connie Boermans - Baby Won't You Come With Me [Visit To Venus]
The Kleptones - Precession/See [A Night at the Hip-Hopera]
Dragnet - Public Service Announcement [Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Volume 8] compilation
Catherine Lara - Fleur de sommeil [Les années poussière]
Egberto Gismonti - Um Dia [Egberto Gismonti]
Les Hamsters - Flower Power [7"]
Aavikko - $3000 [Derek]
Egberto Gismonti - Estudo n.5 [Egberto Gismonti]
Ennio Morricone and Cantori Moderni - Adonai [Easy Tempo 5: A Slammin' Cinematic Experience] compilation
ABC News Story - LSD 8-31-66 [Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots Volume 6] compilation
The Soul Jugglers - Pinoy Disko [Pinoy Disko] compilation
The Advisors - Sumayaw o Makinig [Pinoy Disko] compilation
The Hangmen - Seksi Baby [Pinoy Disko] compilation
Solid Band - Walang Sigla [Pinoy Disko] compilation
Halik - Suplado Ka [Pinoy Disko] compilation
The Advisory Circle - Frozen Ponds Pif [Other Channels]
Free Design - Butterflies Are Free [Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love]
Dr. John The Night Tripper - Public Service Announcement [Get Off] compilation
Lejaren Hiller/Robert Baker - Computer Cantata, 1st Movement [Computer Music from the University of Illinois]
Louise Forestier - Le rock de l'avion [IXE-13] soundtrack
R. Murray Schafer - T H R E N O D Y [Threnody Youth Music]
Liz Damon's Orient Express - 1900 Yesterday [At The Garden Bar/Hilton Hawaiian Village]
The Yung & Moore Show - I Wish Marvin Gaye's Father Had Killed Me Instead [Versus The Whole Goddam Stinkin' World]

November 5, 2009

Der Plan - Copyright Slavery [Die Verschwörung]
Popchor Berlin - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger [Popchor Berlin 2]
Chromalox - The Eight Seasons, Music and Dialogue (excerpt) [The Eight Seasons of Chromalox, Electric Comfort Conditioning]
BILL - As-tu du feu? [BILL]
Markusfeld - L'epave [7"]
Guy Trépanier - Arc en ciel/Et in terra [Suite et début]
Anthony Quinn - Just How Much Do I Love You? [In My Own Way... I Love You]
Christopher Recordings - Part 1: How Babies Are Born [Sex Instruction, A dramatized guide for parents]
Jodie Foster - La vie c'est chouet [7"]
Jona Lewie - Kitchen at Parties [7"]
Martin Denny - Oro (God of Vengeance) [Hawaii]
Z (Mort Garson) - Music for Sensuous Lovers, Climax Two (exerpt) [Music for Sensuous Lovers by "Z"]
Alvin Dahn - The Alvin Dahn Radio Special (excerpt) [I Thought That Sounded Like a Take!]
Ash Wednesday - Love by Numbers [Can't Stop It: Australian Post Punk 1978-82] compilation
Boris - Dancing Queen [Why Wait For A Special Occasion!!!]
Darla Hood and the Fabulous Modesto Orchestra - My "Quiet Village" [7"]
Suburban Lawns - Janitor [Suburban Lawns]
Blowfly - My Baby Keeps Farting In My Face [The Weird World of Blowfly]
Egisto Macchi - Pensee [Voix] library music
Barry Mann and Cynthia Well - Main Title [Angel, Angel, Down We Go] soundtrack
The Creed Taylor Orchestra - Jungle Fever [Shock]
Bertrand Burgalat - J'ai quelque chose à dire [Chéri B.B.]
Bob Anthony - Introduction/Vibrato [We'd Like To Teach You To Sing]
Ennio Morricone - Le fantome de Saint-Esteve [April Orchestra Volume 3] library music
Salma and Sabina - Dancing Queen [Sing The Hits of ABBA in Hindi]
Waylon - Creme de la Creme [7"]
Eläkeläiset - Dementikon keppihumppa (I Was Made For Loving You) [In Humppa We Trust]
386DX - Anarchy in the UK [The Best Of 386DX]

October 29, 2009

The New Creation - Countdown To Revolution! [Troubled]
Hakim Bey - Poetic Terrorism [T.A.Z.]
Le Système Crapoutchik - J'amie chanter [Flop]
Isabelle Aubret - Casa Forte [Isabelle Aubret]
Peter Wyngarde - Jenny Kissed Me And It Was... [When Sex Leers its Inquisitive Head]
Louise Forestier - From Santa to America [Louise Forestier]
Lise Thouin - L'amour ca ne se commande pas [7"]
Winchell's Donut House - Hear The Monsters [7" Flexi]
Marie-Claude Robert - Side B excerpt [Supranatural] library music
Pôle - Armature Double [Besombes-Rizet]
Benito Urgu - Sexy Fonni [7"]
André Popp - Ophelia [Le coeur en fête]
Etienne Charry - Coeur Brisé [36 Erreurs]
Sam Chalpin - Batman [My Father The Pop Singer]
Åke Sandin - Idolen [Rariteter á la Schlagermakaren]
R. Stevie Moore - I Wish I Could Sing [4 From Phonography 7"]
Triangle - Peut-etre Demain [7"]
Splogman - Quovadis [Splogman Covers]
The Medium Is The Massage - Side 2 excerpt [The Medium Is The Massage with Marshall McLuhan]
R. Dean Taylor - Gotta See Jane [I Think Therefore I Am]
Norman Luboff - As I Walk Through The Valley [New & Now]
Robert Charlebois - Phebus et borée [Un gars ben ordinaire]
Susan Christie - I Love Onions [Looney Tunes] compilation
1515 - Cracker Jax [7"]
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - Demain l'espoir (Nevada Sunrise) [Dynamoog] library music
Les Petits Chanteurs du Rock - Ça plane pour moi [Hit-Parade des enfants Volume 3]
Anne-Marie - Love is Amour in French [Anne-Marie]
Kaméléon - Microcosme [Kaméléon]
Be Be Honda et le p'tit Gérard - Le p'tit Gérard [Une tonne de fun]
Robert Gauthier et Michel Conte - Mort de Monica [Monica la mitraille] soundtrack
Marie Laforêt - Et si je t'aime [Vol. 5]
Basil Kirchin - I Start Counting [Fuzzy-Felt Folk] compilation
Yvon Hubert - Sur la terre des hommes [Le jour du seigneur]