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Shows from 2018-2022 are archived on Sheena's Jungle Room at WFMU.

Show Story

1999 was the start of the Friendly Persuasion show on Free Seattle Pirate Radio on the FM dial from February-August, broadcasting from Midnight-3am early Saturday morning covering the Capitol Hill to downtown area. In August, the show joined Antenna Internet Radio broadcasting in 32kbps RealAudio and was featured in RealAudio's Take5 Guide. A month later in September of 1999, the show hooked up with Cool and Strange and became the official show of the magazine for 3 years. In late 2002, AIR went off the net and in early 2003 C&SM ended it's amazing 27 issue print run.

2003-2004 the show bounced back on LUVeR and one-off shows were created for BTTB (Back To The Basics) and WFMU's Listener Hour.

2005 a run of 30 shows were produced for Luxuria Music with Hellbound Alleee airing shows and there were a few really special memories with Fausto and Shirley & Spinoza that I hold dear.

2006 I was driving cross-country moving to Toronto and shifted from the show to co-producing a CBC Radio One Pilot with Pedro Mendes (on Industrial Musicals) that never got picked up, but it was cool to almost have a 365 Days Project show coast-to-coast. Probably for the best, how many ventriloquists and visionaries can one take? Lots you bet, so went with a second helping of 365 Days in 2007 on the WFMU's Beware of the Blog alongside a slew of friendly folks sharing goods.

2007 the show was condensed into small segments (10-20min), appearing within The Lounge King Show on Montreal's Mix 96 FM with repeats on Horizonte Imer (Mexico), Ibero (Mexico), Ibiza Global Radio (Spain), Iceberg (Canada), Lounge Radio (Switzerland), MondoEZ (Italy), Radio Lounge (Germany), RMX (Mexico), and UC Radio (Mexico).

2008 I moved to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (Montréal) and ate a lot of cheese curds mets-en finalement.

2009-2010 the radio bug ate half my brain propelling the show back online joyfully at DFM RTV INT with repeats & special shows going out over KAOS Radio (Austin), Radio23 (Portland), and unaRadio (Buenos Aires). A number of shows in 2010 were co-hosted with Mingo L'Indien.

2011-2017 ... cats, tacos, vinyl, friends. The show had a good run I figured and never expected to bring the show back, until...

2018 arrived and Mr. Fab called about a new spot in Sheena's Jungle Room on WFMU. Listen in to the archives here. A convoy of shows were co-hosted with Sonderangebot and some real nice folks joined in on the fun... do see the list below.

2021 another stop to weekly shows with occasional future fill-ins.

Friendly Persuasion

End Credits

Thanks to all who programmed shows, created IDs and played parts.

Adam O'Callaghan (Eh? Oh!), Alexis Lopez, Ana Dem, Andy Izold, April Winchell, Archivist "Dr. Airlines" Viv, B.C. Sterrett, Basic Hip, Bentley The Butler, Bertrand Burgalat, Bob Purse, Bob Thompson Jr., Brute Force, Bulldog Brannigan, Carl Howard, Charlie Lewis, Christy Shivers & The Sunsets, Cliff Chase, dAS & Ninah Pixie and Big City Orchestra, Dana Countryman, Daniel 'Gimcrack' Rig, Dimas, Dominique Ethier & Plaza Musique, Don Bolles, Don Joyce, Don-O Fields, Drew Dobbs, Dread Rat & DFM, Edith Frost, Ev "Red Shadow" Ehrlich, Fausto Caceres & Shirley and Spinoza, Flavia & The Motonets, Flipped Out Phil, Fortyone, Frank Moore & LUVer, Frank M. Young, Georgy Girl, Girl Talk, Grandma Geri, Guido The Pizza Delivery Man, H. Figurine, Hellbound Alleee, Henry Lowengard, Hornytoad McSlade, Irwin Chusid, John Davison, John "J-Dub" Wilson, Jan Turkenburg, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Jeff Robinson in The Apartment, Jim Allenspach, Joe Tepperman, John K. Fitzpatrick & The Oddball Auditorium, Jonathan Ward, Ken Wisconsin & Antenna Internet Radio, Kevin Sukho Lee & Seksu Roba, Krys O., Loco Luiz, The Lounge King & El Muñecon, Loungebot, LRX 80, Lullabelle, Maio, Marc-André 'Rakam' Roy, Marcus Maack of BTTB, MarkTime, Martinibomb, Matt "Map" Conger-Honkong, Matt Strauss, The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Mew, Michel Alario, Michel LeGrisbi, Michelle Boulé, Mildred Pitt, Mimi la Twisteuse, Mingo L'indien & Les Georges Leningrad, Moritz R. & Achim Treu of Der Plan, Mr. Fab & The RIAA, Naomi Hall, Nicolas 'P.H.O. King' Lê Quang, Oliver [O. E.] Lewis, Patrick Foisy, Patrick Vezina, Paul Shrug, Penelope, Pepe LeMoko, Perry Amberson, Peter Martin & Eddie The Rat, Phineas Narco, Pimpdaddysupreme, Pirate Mike, Poupée & Yves (Call Me Poupée), Pussywillows Cat-Tails, R. Stevie Moore, Rich in Washington Cratedigging, Roy "Choyce" Vucino, Sabine The Queen, Sara vom Bruch & Siesta Records, Satan "Summer Shoes" Belanger, saus.experiment, Scott Bass, Sébastien Desrosiers & Patrimoine/Mondo PQ, Les Secrétaires (Catherine, Christina, Dominique, Ingrid, Norah), Simon Leclerc & Psyquébélique, Sonderangebot, Sonofabitch, The Space Lady Susan Dietrich Schneider, Stark Effect, Steve Asparagus, Steve Garfield, Steve Young, Steven "Ol' Dirty" Balogh, Stimie Stilton & Revenant Glint, Strictly Kev, Suzanne Baumann, Topaz, tradeMARK & The Evolution Control Committee, Tripwire Magazine, Tropicaza, Uncle Bri, Will Louviere & Show and Tell Music, Jeff Winner, Zeb Navarro, Zorgal, + the cats... Babette & Jean-Bungee & Lil' Girl Marie-Mousseline. Thanks all for the good times.