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The Bran Flakes - I Have Hands

Illegal Art
  1. Hi
  2. Rodeo Butterfly
  3. KLAM
  4. Stumble Out Of Bed
  5. I'm Not Feeling Very Well
  6. Marchy March
  7. Don Knotts
  8. The Girl That I Used To Be with Matt Bomarr
  9. What It's All About
  10. Dance Of The Sugarsnap Fairy
  11. Singing Dogs
  12. Make A Funny Sound
  13. You Can Do Most Anything
  14. Do You Want Salad With Your Taco?
  15. Mini Mountain Queen
  16. The Sidewalk Song
  17. I Wonder Where My Grandmother Is
  18. Mr and Mrs Footsie
  19. Funky Feeling
  20. I Comb My Hair Sideways
  21. Van Pop
  22. If I Loved You
  23. Fifty Four Fifty
  24. Jump Up
  25. Beat Head
  26. The Crickets Ditty
  27. Sunshine Country
  28. I Am A Promise with Papino Charmaine
  29. I Have A Friend
  30. Bye
Produced with Mildred Pitt
Mastered by Jonathan Schenke
Artwork by Tinkey McShrillery
Sponsored by KLAM 105.7 FM
What It's All About / Mildred Pitt
Do You Want Salad With Your Taco? / Susan DeLint
Fifty Four Fifty / Mildred Pitt
Don Knotts / James Allenspach
Marchy March / El Muñecon
Rodeo Butterfly / Mildred Pitt
Stumble Out of Bed / Atif Siddiqi
Beat Head / Stewart McCullough